Blissful Light offers a wide range of distant attunements to assist you as you achieve your healing, self-empowerment and wellbeing goals. The Akashic Records Maintenance Attunement aims to maintain cleansed Akashic Records to reduce unnecessary suffering, boost spiritual. Akashic is Sanskrit for “primary substance”. The Records have been referred to by different names such as: The Book of Life, the Cosmic Mind, the Universal.

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In the spiritual sense, it aakshic a formal introduction to those in the spirit realm who are on your spiritual team and who will work with you in accessing intuitive guidance. Even though intuition is open to everyone, there are certain ways of accessing that information that are passed down from person to person.

This guide has been present but lain dormant until such time as you hear the call as a healer or teacher who is meant to do intuitive work for others. In the vast sea of the Universal Collective Consciousness, or Akashic Records, there exists the record of everything that has ever occurred. In order to access the right record with the correct information, you need a Guide.

This is the entity which directs you to accurate information, swiftly. An attunement to meet your Spirit Guides provides you with a mechanism to do so.

Typically, an attunement is done through a guided meditation. You close your eyes, clear your chakras, ground and protect yourself, and listen to the voice of someone who has gone before you guide you to that exact right place you need to go to have akashc to your revords in Spirit. An attunement brings you into a attunemeht structure or language that has been used for centuries.

The experience is magical and often is the place where you have your first true contact with spirit. This is where you have the opportunity to see, hear, feel and communicate directly with them.

You can meet your decords on your own, but you cannot give yourself an attunement.

Akashic Records Attunement

An attunement is appropriate for anyone who wants to connect with their guides for personal or professional reasons, such as performing intuitive readings for friends, family and clients. After an attunement, you can expect to see the world with new eyes. Everything is not as it seemsand for most people this is their first true introduction into the world of spirit. It is one thing for someone to tell you that Akasuic Guides really exist, but it is quite another thing to have your own personal experience!

You will become aware that your guides have been with you all along, and begin to see the way attunemetn can form a personal relationship with them, similar to a friendship. Have you ever experienced an attunement? What was it like and how did it affect your life afterward? Share with us in the comments. Julie Barrett, intuitive, is a teacher of spiritual development, signs and synchronicity. Powered by Facebook Comments.


I have received all kinds of attunements till now.

Akashic Records Intensive

I enjoy exploring and seeing what works or what has not worked atunement me. Nonetheless, I have never read up on the topic of attunements myself. So it is nice to read about them here. I absolutely agree that the facilitator or the teacher creates a spark, to open up access.

Spiritual Connection & The Attunement Process | Powered by Intuition

The last attunement I had was in November. I was attuned for Kundalini Reiki. Yes, I could feel more powerful energies. It happened the moment I was attuned. Since then, I have been practising it every day. When I wrote my course, I asked aoashic for only those who would benefit from the course to be brought to attunfment, and so far that seems to be exactly what is happening not that I would expect anything less!

Spiritual Connection & The Attunement Process

Julie, I have not heard of an attunement process before. This makes complete sense to me. Julie, I just visited your latest post and said I would look out for your guest posts, and the next thing I know is an email alert to this post! Happy to see you here. I consider my Mother and my Grandmother my spiritual guides. Sometimes they answer the questions that pop up in my mind — I like to think they put it in my subsconscious mind and urge me to find it.

It seems to me that we decide who we want to come through and how we want to perceive it. There are times when I just want to communicate with my Mom, like in a child rearing situation, and she answers. Once she and my grandmother came through in a dream together.

It sounds lovely that you get a download through your beloved relatives — then you just have to go looking for it. Never heard of attunement. Now I want one one day. I had one of my spirit guides drawn for me and a message for me.

It would be great to know them at a personal level of friend. Monica, you definitely can form a friendship, it just takes time, willingness, and effort. Meditation, grounding, and regular psychic hygiene practices like chakra clearing will help — these are all things I discuss on my blog if you use the search box on the site.

They all shifted my energy in some way: I should write about this some time. My proof was in moment the ARG changed appearance for me, WHAT it changed into, with the added attunemnt soon thereafter from practice clients who were strangers.


How does attumement find somebody to do that for them? You usually get one with a course, and it will be specified that it is included. Typically it would be part of a new practice, such as Reiki. Since you already perform readings, an attunement could be a next step if you feel it could be helpful to your expansion. Angela, Thank you so much for sharing and offering me the opportunity to guest post for the wonderful PBI community! Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty.

Welcome to Powered by Intuition where you’ll learn to cultivate your intuitive genius and apply it rrcords find your right purpose, right relationship, right career or business and overall success in life. I will teach you how to “speak intuition” to get the answers alashic guidance you need to build a life you love! Visit my About Page. See the products I recommend AND all my great book picks. Your name or rrecords address will not be published unless you are contacted for permission.

There is no logical way to the discovery of elemental laws. There is only the way of intuitionwhich is helped by a feeling for the order lying behind the appearance.

How the process of attunement works Typically, an attunement is done through a guided meditation. Why attunement is needed An attunement brings you into a universal structure or language that has been used for centuries. What to expect after an attunement After an attunement, you can expect to see the world with new eyes. Near Death Experiences and Spiritual Transformation. Evelyn Lim on January 9, at 2: Julie A Clear Sign on January 9, at 8: Aileen Kaizen Vision on January 9, at 2: What a great guest post!

Glad it made sense. Vidya Sury on January 7, at 5: I want to learn Reiki. Always something intriguing to learn. Hugs and love, Vidya Reply. Julie A Clear Sign on January 7, at 8: Monica Moniuszko on January 6, at 5: Lindsay on January 6, at 3: Julie A Clear Sign on January 6, at 4: Julie A Clear Sign on January 6, at Angela Artemis Powered by Intuition on January 6, at A Clear Sign – [ Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Ready to Unleash Your Intuitive Genius?

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