Akroasis The Theory of World Harmonics by Lilienfeld, Robert and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at AbeBooks. com. The Music of the Spheres. The History of the Idea of a Cosmic Harmony and its Influence on the -Klaus Kaltenbrunner – – Philosophy and History . Some of you are probably familiar with the only work of Kayser’s that has been translated into English, Akroasis: A Theory of World Harmonics, which is an.

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Sacred Science Institute is proud to announce. O ur first subscriber funded translation project! What this theory really represents is a universal Law of Vibration, much like a Superstring theory, which thepry the universe from harmonic vibrations. After 15 years of seeking a way to have this work properly translated, we were extremely fortunate to find an angel benefactor who offered to bankroll the first phase of the translation of this masterpiece, and a further fortunate windfall led us to arrange to have Joscelyn Godwin, Professor of Musicology at Colgate University, author of The Harmony of the Spheres: A Sourcebook of the Pythagorean Tradition in Music, and respected translator of numerous works in the fields of Musicology, Hermetics, Alchemy, and the Esoteric Tradition, in collaboration with his son Ariel, translate the text.

Ariel handled the details of the translation under the guidance and oversight of his father, who edited the translation, so the quality and accuracy of the work is superlative.


The current Sacred Science Translation Society Edition is our pre-release, print on demand edition, bound in an elegant maroon suede hardcover, available immediately for all those anxious to finally get their hands on a copy of this magnificent and important text. We plan to re-release the book as a high-quality, folio, Collector’s Edition, similar to the original German edition, after we have completed the translation of the musical notation from German to English notation, and have created a fancier layout, more similar to the original, but this will take some further elaborate work, and is expected to be completed within the next year.

Those who purchase our Translation Society Edition will be eligible to upgrade to the Collector’s Edition when it is ready for a marginal fee to help cover the cost of printing the quality edition, but will still end up paying less for the two editions than we will be charging for the final Collector’s Edition on it’s own.

We do also plan to release a less expensive Student’s Edition, probably in paperback and without the color diagrams, for those who can’t afford the Collector’s Edition, but we do not expect this to be available until around We recently released our new Hans Kayser website, www.

We are also continuing our translation projects and have completed 4 further Hans Kayser works which we plan to release over this coming year For details on these further titles, see below or click the following link: Translated by Ariel Godwin.

Akroasis : The Theory of World Harmonics

Edited by Joscelyn Godwin. With numerous plates and illustrations. This is Kayser’s extensive work on the Harmonics of Plant Forms, filled with fascinating diagrams of the structure and harmonic relations of plant forms. The Form of the Plant.


The Functions of the Plant: Harmonical Value-Forms of the Plant: The Nature of the Plant. With 50 plates and ills. German EditionTranslation Society Edition Music and Architecture; 3.

Preliminary Remarks on Harmonic Analysis; 6. The Nomoi of the Basilica; 7. The Nomoi of the Temple of Ceres; 8.

Akroasis : The Theory of World Harmonics by Hans Kayser (, Hardcover) | eBay

The Nomoi of the Temple of Poseidon; 9. On the Meaning of this Work; 10 Afterword. Harmonice published by Occident-Verlag, Zurich, With 20 plates and ills. This interesting, shorter work by Hans Kayser gives a harmonic analysis of the human body, and its proportions.

Akroasis: The Theory of World Harmonics

Horoscope of Hans Kayser. The Doctrine of the World Harmonic. Translated by Suzanne Doucet. With plates and illustrations. This is Kayser’s introductory work on his Doctrine of the World Harmonic, and an amroasis introduction to the subject of Harmonics and lead in to the Textbook of Harmonics.

An excellent work to introduce one to the subject and to Kayser’s approach to the topic.