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The “AMS” name in the standard is an abbreviation of “Aerospace Materials Specifications”. The standard is published by SAE Aerospace, part. I am relatively new to being a provider of heat treat services and am trying to get some clarification on AMS D. The specification identifies. Does AMS D require a statement of compliance to the specification (AMS D). printed on, or provided with Certificates of Calibration for an instrument.

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Rolls up to feet amss in length may be sampled at one end; rolls over feet shall be sampled at both ends of the roll see 3. Equipment used by or for a material producer or an approved supplier of a material producer in accordance with a material specification which may require by reference conformance to a heat treat specification.


The effect of this adjustment over the entire operating temperature range shall be evaluated. System Accuracy Test Waiver ………………………………………………. A furnace that contains a medium that becomes suspended or fluidized due to atmosphere gas or products of combustion passing upward through the medium.

Calibration of SAT sensors shall have been performed with a primary or secondary standard instrument against a primary or secondary standard sensor in accordance with Table 1.

TUS is run for the minimum required time. For rolls not meeting 3.

The issue of the ama documents in effect on the date of the purchase order forms a part of this specification to the extent specified herein. The supplier may work to a subsequent revision of a document unless a specific document issue is specified.

Identification of the test sensor? Where it is impossible or impractical to traverse TUS sensors through a continuous or semicontinuous furnace, or to install TUS sensors into the retort zms muffle of a furnace, it is acceptable to use alternative testing methods as described below: General Sensor Information …………………………………………………. Over temperature instruments used solely for furnace over temperature protection do not need to be calibrated.


The assembly may include a thermocouple connector but does 2750dd include a reference junction or extension leads mechanically joined to the thermoelements.

Unless specifically noted, requirements apply to all temperature sensor materials. When the hottest and coldest temperature locations change within the furnace based on the final readings from the most recent Temperature Uniformity Surveythe recording sensor locations for types A and C instrumentation may need to be moved within the aks to reflect the new hottest and coldest locations within the work zone. Recalibration of the out-of-tolerance instrument.

Thermocouples made of fabric or plastic covered wire.

Product is tested to the requirements of the heat treat processing specification or to applicable requirements of other specifications. Thermocouple whose thermoelements are composed primarily of noble metals e. Examples of noble metal thermocouples include types R, S and B. Either the volumetric or plane methods shall measure the 270d work zone volume.

Using Honeywell X-Series paperless recorders for compliance with AMS D standards

The system accuracy test report shall include: The furnace shall be held at the test temperature until all test sensors have stabilized. System Accuracy Test Procedure ……………………………………………. A type of sensor consisting of two electrically conducting circuit elements of different thermoelectric characteristics joined at a junction.

Extension wire shall not be spliced. In the context of this document, the difference between the uncorrected indicated temperature and the true temperature. If additional copies are needed by other Alcoa employees, contact MQS. All noble metal load thermocouples in use shall be nonexpendable and shall be either replaced or recalibrated quarterly. The SAT sensor may be inserted temporarily for the test 2750r may be a mas test sensor, subject to the limitations of 3.


Testing company identification if not 2750s in-house?

AMS process is used when the recorder is attached to the process in the role of a recording device. Sensor used in conjunction with a mas instrument to perform a system accuracy test or temperature uniformity survey. An instrument connected to a controlling, monitoring, load or recording sensor that indicates process equipment temperature data and generates a permanent process record.

thermocouples AMS | Pyrocontrole

Thermocouples may be made either from bare or coated wire or MIMS mineral insulated, metal sheathed cable. If a load sensor is not used the laboratory furnaces shall be tested as required for production equipment. If no recurrent temperature pattern is detected, readings at subsequent locations shall be taken at intervals of two minutes or less, for a minimum of six minutes at each test location.

Survey with 10 to 16 sensors 2 failures? Product is normally immersed in the molten salt. It is now subject to the 90 use limit as it has been used in a higher temperature range. Controlling, monitoring and recording instruments shall receive an unmodified signal from sensors except for analog to digital and digital to analog conversions, or a digitallyprocessed, error-checked equivalent representation of a direct measured value.