Aug 3, Book review: ‘Angelina’ by Andrew Morton. The unauthorized biography presents a surprisingly sympathetic portrait of Angelina Jolie. Jul 25, This book’s “also by Andrew Morton” list has. Angelina Jolie, the subject of Andrew Morton’s biography. . An Unauthorized Biography. Jul 29, Angelina Jolie biography by Andrew Morton: I read it so you don’t the life of Angelina Jolie in Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography, out Aug.

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And yet mysteries remain: What was really going on in her brief, impulsiv. What was really going on in her brief, impulsive marriages to Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton, and what is going on in her partnership with Brad Pitt?

What drove her to become a mother of six andrw in six years? And—perhaps most puzzling of all—what about the other side of Angelina: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Moron to Read saving….

Angelina Jolie biography by Andrew Morton: I read it so you don’t have to!

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Angelina by Andrew Morton. An Unauthorized Biography by Andrew Morton. Hardcoverpages. Published July 31st by St. Martin’s Press first published January 1st Unaurhorized see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Angelinaplease sign up. Lists with This Book. This was my first experience with an Andrew Morton biography.

Blography his name is so well known and he gets access to so many people, I figured he had to be a decent writer. After reading Angelina, I’d beg to differ. The book is full of half-baked conjecture on Angelina Jolie’s mental state due to various events in her life.

Morton trots out, “Joe Schmo, Beverly Hills psychologist, who has never treated Angelina or any of her family members” a lot for opinions on her behavior. It’s a little ridicu This was my first experience with an Andrew Morton biography. It’s a little ridiculous. I think anyone who reads US Weekly could guess that Angelina Jolie has had some issues, but I’m uncomfortable with this kind of third party diagnosis.

The writing is subpar in other ways, as well. The author will tell us one thing Marcheline threw elaborate parties for James, her favorite child, but only casual affairs for Angelina and then five pages later contradict it Marcheline spent days hand-engraving birthday invitations for a big party for Angelina. I felt silly reading this. It was all a little tawdry. The author also spends a lot of time trying to convince the reader that Angelina’s lifelong problems with her father are something she’s overblown and that her mother was really the bad parent.

Look, I don’t know Angelina, but I’m sort of outraged on her behalf that some writer she’s never met gets to pull apart her heart-wrenching family dramas and rewrite history for his own purposes. It’s just not cool. The only reason I finished this book was because the background stuff about what was going on uauthorized Hollywood at the time was pretty interesting to me.


There are definitely some interesting tidbits about production on various films, interaction between various celebrities on set, etc. But I can’t in good conscience recommend the book to others. Biographh, Angelina is an amazing woman, and this book does draw the picture of why she is amazing, although that may have been an unavoidable accident. This author takes the unforgivable low road of mistaking his subject for his patient and I don’t see no Dr.

He even employs the tried and tru 5 stars for Angie, 0 for the author. He even employs the tried and true In-Touch magazine move of liberally quoting “Dr. So-and-So, a psychiatrist who has not treated Angelina Jolie or any of her family”, who rants on about “infants rejected by their mothers, classic inability to bond”, blah blah blah gag me. The book has this moral overtone or maybe it’s just the droning, sometimes simpering narrator of affected sympathy.

Oh, poor little Angelina, she’ll never be able to truly feeland so she’s forced to live a pallid, hopeless life collecting children of different colors and being a workaholic. Luckily this book is pre-Brad-break, I shudder to think what hay he’d make out of that. Good GRIEF, she is one of the world’s most accomplished, successful, inspiring, and generous performers and business-people. She is a goddess among women because of her commitment to embracing unauthorize exploring her own sexuality, never suppressing it, until she has effectively transcended it.

Without compromising or hiding her sexual wildness, she has written her own definition of herself that includes all she unauthorzed, of which sexual is only a part.

Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography by Andrew Morton

This is no mean feat for an actress in a world that does it’s best to compartmentalize all public women, and if possible, put them into a lockable box marked “sex symbol”. Not least, she has to rise above know-it-all eejits like Andrew Morton opining about her “emotional limitations”. It’s hard enough to pursue personal growth on the ground floor of the unknown prole, but to do so bravely, publicly, and without shame for being exactly who she is and where she is, even when it’s messy, on the spotlit pinnacle of fame her entire life?.

She has struggled with challenge and adversity, addiction and prejudice, and she consistently overcomes with devotion, ambition, and passion. So, Angelina is amazing, more amazing than I knew before reading this book, and now I have some reasons why I’ve always liked her so much, thanks to this book grudgingly. As for the book, one gets the impression that Angie’s story glows through it despite the best effort of the author to reduce her to something small and dismissable.

Just like she glows through the screen. I’m sure she will continue to surprise and inspire. I really needed a break after spending 11 weeks reading Brothers Karamazov. So I got this book from the library, I would never buy something like this!


Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography

But I have to admit, I modton it. It’s like reading a psychiatric case study. This woman has major mental problems. But she’s bright and has somehow become a world leader!

Makes one think, and shudder! She’s on UN committees, friends with Kofi Annan, makes suggestions angelia how to handle world hunger, mine infested nations, and international adopti I really needed a break after spending 11 weeks reading Brothers Karamazov. She’s on UN committees, friends with Bography Annan, makes suggestions on how to handle world hunger, mine infested nations, and international adoptions. She has never been to college.

She adopts kids who have mothers. She’s great at the photo op. Yet, somehow, I found myself with some grudging admiration for her. She seems to sincerely want to help make this a better world. Who can fault her for that? Yet she’s giving her children a very chaotic childhood. She says she relates better to her adopted kids than her biological kids. I would love to read a psychiatrist’s evaluation of this woman. All I can say is I felt sad for her, her children, and a world that listens to a woman who is rich and famous and beautiful but so troubled.

View all 3 comments. Jul 31, Karyn rated it really liked it. This is a very interesting book. In true Morton fashion, your held to facts. It does not paint Ms. Jolie in a very good light.

Angelina Jolie biography by Andrew Morton: I read it so you don’t have to! |

From her disturbing childhood to her currant life. You’d think the “odd” part of the family would be the Voight side, Hollywood and all, when actually it was her mother’s family who thought they were above all.

They were from Riverdale, Il, and I was raised 5 miles from there, it was or is not now a “upper andew community. Actually now it is a ghetto. The things that Ms This is a very interesting book. The things that Ms.

Jolie is so proud of, are the things that others would be ashamed of. Heroin addiction, casual sex, using people men, biohraphy Billy Bob Thornton a trip to the mental hospital.

She’s proud of this behavior. The way she treats her father is despicable. Being a child of divorce, am acting out is expected but once an adult you understand that sometimes things just don’t work out.

Holding her father responsible for his ex wife is not realistic. The good she has done as a humanitarian is overshadowed by her neglect ubauthorized her children, admitting she feels more for the adopted ones than her biological ones She’s a great actress but a woman to be pitied.

Sep 20, Mary Lou rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.