The Armitron WR is also called Armitron All-Sport or Chronograph Black Strap Stauer Hybrid Watch Instructions · How to Set a G-Shock Glide Watch · How. instruction sheets, but does NOT have instructions for this watch as of 25 December Check: To set an Armitron Wr watch, use the buttons on the upper and lower left- and right-hand sides of the watch to How to Set Time on a Casio G-Shock Watch.

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Armitron All Sport Instructions

Actually, it is an M but you would never know for sure without a manual. How to set an Armitron WR Watch.

How do you set the time on an Armitron red WR? The name, model, of this watch is confusing. The manual that came with it says M If you are lucky enough to get it with the watch, armiteon will discover it is a single thin strip of paper, printed in very tiny text on both sides. Armitron, in their infinite wisdom?!


I have scanned the manual that came with my WR M at dpi and provide it here. It is much easier to read, enlarged this way. I discovered the manual was printed in tiny fine print, so I scanned it at dpi.

Armitron watch WR instructions manual | Programming Web Site DataBases

mnual So, it IS an M I checked around with Google and discovered that there is still no good source of the manual under any of these numbers and letters. I found 2 web sites where someone had hand written instructions for setting the time on a WR Appreciation goes out to the few people for that. Still, how rw330 you use the other functions…? How to use all the functions is here from the 1 sheet manual that came with my watch.

Today, from a google search, I found someone who sr330 some manuals at www. They are not the instruction manuals provided with the watches.

It is the armtron Armitron can do!?!? Mine has the Word: Does not seem right to me,defective I would say. Any feedback would be appreciated Thanks.

How to Set an Armitron WR330 Watch

Pressing the upper-left button “set” always takes a armittron back to the time display. If not for you, yes, it must be defective. I got watch through courier. The watch is off the display is off. How to on the watch?


It needs a new battery. If it does not, that function may simply be dead sad to say. Can the watch numbers be set so the wrr330 is white and the numbers are black? My wife has eye damage from radiation and has difficulty seeing the small white numbers. Your email address will not be published.

Programming Web Site DataBases. Armitron watch WR instructions manual December 20, Time, Date, Day of the week Chronograph, incl.

Any feedback would manuql appreciated Thanks Pressing the upper-left button “set” always takes a person back to the time display. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Links to Some Other Good Sites free pgming resources.

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