This page contains information about the Version User Manual (English) for the CSV from Arturia. This page contains information about the Version User’s Manual for the CS- 80V from Arturia. This page contains information about the User’s Manual for the CSV from Arturia.

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Page 53 A ring modulator can be created when an oscillator modulates another oscillator. Here are a few examples You can choose the threshold of the filter by lowering the filter frequency. The Single mode similar to the original CS The Multi mode The Single mode presents the exact architecture of the original CS, which is a single timbre, distributed across the whole of the keyboard with an 8 note polyphonic limit.

About the orientation of these faders, the original CS operates in that way, which can be confusing. This sound uses a sawtooth waveform, the high-pass filter is closed but not deactivatedwhile the low-pass is completely open. Each sub-bank contains within itself a certain number of presets. Choose the file that you want to import, and click on Open.

The Tremolo oscillations are faster than those of the Chorus. Save Preset As Both types are stored in the. Click on New bank On the CSV, you have access to 3 different types of filtering.

Arturia – CSV – Version User Manual (English)

If you hold a few seconds on the selected preset, a popup appears and indicates the name of the preset. The two low-pass and high- pass filters are arthria modified. By default, all types of presets are selected. This concept of synthesis is still used on most current digital synthesizers, complementing sample reading or wave tables, which have progressively replaced the analog oscillators of the first synthesizers in the 80’s.


When the installation process is completed, please proceed to authorization step chapter 3. Use Of Real Time Controllers The ring modulator is essentially used to add a variety of harmonics to a sound. Preset snap shot memories You can select up to four presets, anywhere on the map interface, and save them on up to four snap shot memories.

These presets are found on the control panel. Release time of the VCA envelope of the second line Off: Resonance of the line 2 high-pass filter S1ReLo2: Recap on the compatibilities: It is now possible to simultaneously play or record a bass part on the first octave of your keyboard, accompaniments on the next 2 octaves while having the arpeggio on the last.

The triangle can be considered like ca-80v very filtered and so soft square signal. They are all assigned to zone 1 which covers the whole keyboard. Instrument Author Bass C.

It is possible to obtain an 8- note step sequencer! Unlike many other classic analog synthesizers, the CSV allows you change the impulse width not only for the square waveform but also for the triangle. Choose the mxnual JM. The global sound will achieve more complexity. The polyphonic voices are used in a rotating assignment. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. The zone plays a maual randomly among the voices that have been affected to it.

The second Results column can be switched to show Type, Sound Designer, Favorite or Bank tags depending on how you like to search.

Page of 74 Go. With a high resonance level, the filter will begin to produce a sound close to a sine waveform. The white zone on the keyboard represents the active zone.


Your sound is now modulated by different parameters, adding unique complexity. The after touch acts, following the pressure that you apply to the keys of the MIDI keyboard, on the frequency of the 2 high pass filters. Your receipt shall be evidence of the date of purchase. The original CS offered 8 voices of polyphony.

Connection To A Midi Node 8.

Arturia CS-80 V User Manual

Manuap sliding the pitch range up, the COURSE knob limits the amount of pitch shifting, but when bending the frequency down, the range goes all the way down to Hz.

To assign a CSV2 as input, click on the grey field above the track output Out A popup window will confirm, just click Close, then Finish. Tuning of track5 tunv6: It should be noted that the more voices you use, the richer the sound.

The use of the software within a network is illegal where there is the possibility of a contemporaneous multiple use of the program. I Preselections Each pre-selection line corresponds to the control of each line of synthesis. Place the sound to the left of stereo space: The cut-off frequency and the resonance of each of these filters can be set with the green and red HPF and LPF faders above or below the labels.

TAE Page 10 – A better reproduction of analog oscillat And Arturia now offers you our most impressive software model yet, the CS V. These set an envelope applied to the frequency of the sine.