Worr Game Products Autococker Gun Manual · Worr Game Products Worr Machine Gun Manual · Worr Game Products Superstock Gun Diagram · Worr Game. Does anyone know where I can get/view the autococker sr manual?. Owners manuals for the Worr games Products (WGP) autocockers.

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Ce document au format PDF 1. High pressure tank warning 2. Installing s 9V battery b. Switching Marker ON c. Checking and Testing the Break Beam Eyes e. Switching Marker OFF f. Attaching barrel and augococker sock g. Attaching air source h.

Firing and adjusting velocity 3. Eye Operation and Logic e. Always wear proper eye, face and ear protection designed especially to stop paintballs. Never shoot a person who is not wearing proper protection. Treat every paintball marker as if it were loaded.

Autococker SR Manual

Never look down the barrel of the marker. Keep the paintball marker on safe until ready to shoot. Always remove gas source before disassembly. Store the paintball marker unloaded and degassed in a locked place. Follow warnings listed on gas source for handling and storage. Autococler use anything other than.

Do not shoot fragile objects such as windows. Paintballs may cause staining of some porous surfaces such as brick, stucco and wood.

Always measure velocity before playing paintball. Never shoot at velocities in excess of feet per second. Never engage in vandalism.

Do not use marker for drive-by shootings. Once you have a full compressed gas Warning: Be sure the paintball marker is always pointed in a safe direction. Screw the cylinder all the way into the ASA until it stops. Unscrew the top screw on the clamping feed neck. Now attach the loader to the marker via autooccker clamping feed neck by press fitting the loader neck down into the feed neck.

Now tighten the screw on the feed neck so that the loader is held securely in place and also make sure the screw holding the feed neck to the marker is secure.

Firing paintballs and adjusting velocity: Installing a manuap Battery: Pull the grip panel out to reveal the battery clip. Install a single 9 volt battery not included to the battery clip and install in the marker. Reassemble the left grip panel and tighten screws.

High performance fast shooting paintball markers work better with high quality batteries. Push and hold 1. Always keep your marker pointed in a safe direc-tion. Always keep your marker OFF and barrel cover on until you are ready to fire.


When safe and ready to fire, remove barrel cover and turn marker ON. Pull the trigger and fire the marker. Organized paintball fields require markers to be chronographed to measure velocity. Your marker is preset to under feet per second. Never adjust your velocity above feet per second. Velocity may also be adjusted by turning the IVG cap on the back of the marker.

Follow all rules specified by your organized paintball field. You are now ready for play. Switch the marker ON by pressing the rear push button located on the back of the grip frame.

Marker is live and ready to fire. Checking and Testing the Break Beam Eyes: Your Break Beam Eyes are functioning and ready for use.

If eyes are not functioning properly, go to troubleshooting guide. It is very important that the barrel sock be attached when in an area where people are not wearing protective gear. Using the barrel sock correctly is a very important paintball safety practice. The SR features include: OLED display screen 3. Completely programmable function and adjustments including: Manuall grip frame assembly 3. Redesigned front pneumatics assembly eliminating low pressure hoses 5. Dual soft rubber ball stops.

Gasket sealed front block.

Macroline quick release hose. Adjustable low and high pressure regulators Quick release pull pin. Redesigned light weight delrin bolt. Figure 1 The multi-color LED on the rear of the grip frame shows which mode of operation the marker is currently in: The marker is ready to fire.

Eye Operation and Logic: Figure 2 Figure 2 Push and hold 1. When used, the marker will cycle as fast as possible. The eyes are enabled when the marker is first turned Mahual. When the eyes are off, the rate of fire is limited and adjustable from 10 to 25 balls per second. Turn Eyes Off Push and hold 1.

Autococker SR Manual –

We recommend this be done prior to hopper and tank install, confirm that the marker is not pressurized. Turn the marker ON. Pull the pull pin up half way and slide the bolt back. Realign the bolt and pull pin with the slide and push the pull pin all the way down until the ball detent inside of the bolt retains the pin.

If the LED does not change when you move the bolt back, this means that there is something blocking the eyes or your eyes are faulty. Go to eye cleaning section. Eye Modes — Two eye modes are available: ON — Used to fire the marker as fast as possible minimizing and eliminating chop balls. Once fired, the logic will hold the bolt open a period of time to allow a ball to fully drop into the breech.


Once the ball is fully breeched, the bolt will close and be ready for the next firing sequence. If you are attempting to fire the marker with out balls, the marker will feel slow. There is nothing wrong with the marker. It should be slow because there is a time that is setup in the program to allow a ball to drop into the breech.

This time is adjustable and would only be recommend being adjust lower if a high speed loader is available, for example a View Loader Vlocity. OFF — This mode will fire the marker much faster and is not recommend when shooting paintball because you may chop and break a ball. This mode is for the user who may experience a problem with the eyes during a game and want wants to fire the marker faster. The ROF is adjustable and should be setup initially depending on what type of hopper you have.

Eye OFF can also be a training mode, with the right parameters and without shooting paintballs, the marker will works with any fire mode selected giving you a feel for operation. Figure 3 Pull the pull pin up half way and slide the bolt back. To enter programming mode to change settings, press the scroll wheel while the marker is off figure 4. It will then boot into programming mode and display setting names and their current values. Scrolling up and down with the wheel cycles through the settings.

To change one, first select it with the scroll wheel, and then press the wheel in. You can then scroll up and down to change the setting, which will update on the screen as you modify the setting. To save it, press the wheel again, and it will go back to the main programming mode menu where you can scroll to other settings.