BATNA and ZOPA. Your BATNA is your Best Alternative To Negotiated Agreement. Your ZOPA is your Zone of Possible Agreement. In any negotiation, these two. However, when I have a weak BATNA (if I have no job offer, for instance) then I have less power in the negotiation. When this happens, it is. This is explained more in the essay on BATNAs. The result of such deception, however, might be the apparent absence of a ZOPA–and hence a failed.

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Zone of Possible Agreement (ZOPA)

A negotiation is worth the try whenever the possible outcome of the exchange is better than any other option you have. In order to negotiate successfully and not get out of a negotiation empty-handed or feeling you have lost something, you need to know your Barna — Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement.

However, there were no stakes. These can seem quite straightforward, but they are not as simple to put into practice.


Clarifying BATNA, MLATNA, WATNA, ZOPA and More | Indisputably

But in order to come to an agreement I had to settle for less in the first case and come up with an exchange in the second one. In the second round there was no ZOPA bata we both wanted the same amount. This brings me to our solution: Since both of us wanted the same amount and because we wanted to reach some sort of deal, my partner suggested an exchange: I hope we will be working on it in class.

Popular posts from this blog Salt Harbor: In this role play I was representing Brims, a chain of coffee shops. So in the negotiation I was supposed to sell my parcel of bayna to Easterly in order to buy some other parcel somewhere else.

Our negotiation had three rounds: Before I could ask something else he asked me how much I would be willing to sell the parcel for I had to give him my maximum price: It was fairly calm and both parties got a good deal. I was Chris Bunyon, senior VP. I was happy with the part I got because I think I’m a natural leader and according to my colleagues I was able to keep the negotiation going, trying my best to keep everyone calm so that the exchange between the company and the residents of Chestnut Drive would be productive.


I have to say it wasn’t easy at times when, for example, the residents complained about things we had no idea had happened the crack in the shopkeeper’s house or when one of our VPs started making witty remarks that angered the other party. Preparation time was very helpful; time flew by when we were trying to guess what both party’s positions and interests were.

We managed to establish the issues we would talk about, prioritize them wh….