A Behanding in Spokane (Play, Original) opened in New York City Mar 4, and played through Jun 6, A Behanding in Spokane, review, at Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, Broadway. On the evidence of his brilliant performance in Martin McDonagh’s new play, “A Behanding in Spokane,” Christopher Walken should have.

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After Carmichael returns they never quite make it back onto the court.

The New York Times. Articles with IBDb links. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Then there was the New Yorker.

This is a comedy about characters who listen and who dare. Topics Race The Observer. McDonagh adds gag after gag to the show, as if he believed that comedy could spokame up the real horror at its core: Like there is something else entirely that is going on in his head while he is talking to you.

Walken always gives me the impression that he is speaking in metaphors. A mysterious man named Carmichael has behanfing searching for his missing left hand for 27 years.

USA Today called it: So the character of Carmichael not only fits him, it pulls him across the footlights into your lap, which is just where he wants to be. I think it is extraordinary. Nor did the theatre or Mackie have an official reaction. An eccentric hotel clerk, Mervyn, gets spokan the middle of the transaction, and his presence threatens behandnig spoil the proceedings.

So his attempt to crack the American market with his first play set in the US has caused an understandable stir on Broadway, where Christopher Walken has been persuaded to play the lead role.



But Als’s remarks certainly hit home with the play’s British producer, Robert Fox. Two bickering lovebirds, Toby and Marilyn, claim to be in possession of his long-ago severed appendage, and look to collect the reward that Carmichael is offering for its return. Fox said he thought Als’s criticism was in itself an injection of racism where none was merited.

Carmichael exits to take care of some business and leaves behind a candle burning in a gas can as insurance that either he will be satisfied with his search or Marilyn or Toby will go up in flames. Hostage situation ensues with everyone doing pretty much what Carmichael asks. Retrieved 8 May But trying out an Behnding setting as opposed to an Irish one is proving a challenging exercise.

Loading comments… Trouble loading? Bacalzo defended McDonagh’s right to put racist language in the mouths of one of his characters as he tries to take on American themes.

Show 25 25 50 All. The pairing of Walken and Rockwell is a marvel.

Mervyn arrives early on in his burgundy polyester vest, fully formed, and ready to tolerate all comers. Laugh too soon and you will miss the lines.

A Behanding in Spokane, review, Martin McDonagh, Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, Broadway

Some reviewers have judged that McDonagh — whose other plays include The Lieutenant of Inishmore and The Pillowman and who also directed and wrote the hit film In Bruges, starring Colin Farrell — fails to understand the American psyche as well as he does that of his fellow Irishmen.

Als, who is black, took umbrage at the play’s use of racist insults by Walken’s character, who is openly and proudly prejudiced. Neither of which you want to do. Hilton Alsreviewing for The New Yorkerwrote: Few other reviews paid its use of racist language much attention, instead focusing on Walken’s performance, which has been widely praised amid early whispers of Tony awards.


Order by newest oldest recommendations. It premiered at the Schoenfeld Theatre on Broadway in Ben Brantleyin his review for The New York Times noted that the typical McDonagh characters “start to seem alarmingly like figures from a conventional Hollywood caper comedy about dopey, foul-mouthed crooks who keep tripping over themselves From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Theatre Martin McDonagh news. Be careful when you see it, because the same is asked of you. It is completely out of order,” Fox said. Although Hilton Als’s comments are meaningless in the scheme of things, because the show is doing very well, I think his remarks were entirely inappropriate and irresponsible,” Fox told the Observer.

There follows a lot of menacing by Walken and cowering by Marilyn Zoe Kazan and Toby Anthony Mackie the duo who cooked up the scheme of ripping Carmichael off with a hand that clearly was not his.

Als appears to be the only major critic who reacted to the play’s racial themes so viscerally. I know people who have written to the New Yorker about it already.