Praise God dis Die Belhar Belydenis se Tyd. September 29 ·. Praise God dis Die Belhar Belydenis se Tyd . Image may contain: 1 person, smiling. BELHAR ARGIEWE (Deel 1): Spesiale versameling van aanlyn preke/artikels van die Belhar Belydenis (). BELHAR ARCHIVES (Part 1). Die Pienaars – my summary on the confession of Belhar.

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Belhar deurbraak: Almal is tevrede

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Different approaches to confessions lead to different evaluations of Belhar. But, the blame for division should never be placed on doctrine.

Dit is egter nog net die beludenis van die proses. He will understand them. Every Christian doctrine carries some importance. The Belhar Confession was adopted at the nd General Assembly on June 22, by an overwhelming vote in favor of acceptance.

Belhar Confession

If any of these doctrines is removed, the faith is empty and void. This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat Some joke that church splits are the easiest way to plant a new church. Retrieved from ” https: Belhar is not an obstacle in the way of church unity. April 15, at This study proposes a third position, namely that the missionary value of the Belhar Confession reason enough gives to make use of the contents of the Confession, irrespective of whether it is accepted as confession or not.

Belhar Confession – Wikipedia

Belydenis van Belhar is a Christian statement of belief written in Afrikaans in Through a study of the missionary approach and policy of the Dutch Reformed Churches, the importance of indigenization as mission of the church is highlighted. The Spirit, then, gives us spiritual discernment. The negative perceptions of the Belhar Confession is deep rooted. Thesis PhD –University of Pretoria, Initially, the NGK rejected the confession as being a political document or as a statement of Liberation Theology.


But if division due to a non-essential doctrine is necessary to prevent disunity and conflict, then division is what needs to occur.

Languages Afrikaans Nederlands Edit links. At the meeting of the General Assembly of the NGK, it was decided that processes to make the Belhar Confession part of the confessional base of the NGK should be initiated by its bflhar.

Piet Strauss, voormalige moderator, het die voorstel gesteun, dus is die hoop groot dat die hele kerk dit sal aanvaar.

October 11, at Dan volg die punt oor Belhar: Christian doctrine, in reality, is the only way to true, full, and biblical unity within the Body of Christ. There are dedicated, Christ-loving believers on both sides of these issues.

Although the NGK is eager to join the new denomination, it has decided not to compel existing members to submit to the confession. Verskillende benaderings tot belydenisse bring verskillende beoordelings van Belhar mee. Not understanding and submitting to Christian doctrine is what causes division, not doctrine itself.

The authority that the church gives to a confession is not denied, but rather discovered. Just as Solomon sought discernment and wisdom Proverbs 1: Die oorsprong Belhar is in deur die destydse NG Sendingkerk as belydenisskrif aanvaar. Belydenks are other doctrines in the Christian faith belbar are very important, such as the Trinity, the inspiration of Scripture, and the belyrenis of the eternal state.

Show full item record. Strauss het daarop gewys dat die ses historiese belydenisse genoeg is om almal in die kerk saam te bind. We absolutely should divide over disagreements regarding the core doctrines of the Christian faith.


After the debate in Die KerkbodeBelhar was progressively seen as an obstacle in the way of church unity. Since its inception inthe Belydeniw Confession has been a controversial document in family of Dutch Reformed Churches. Reformed confessions of faith. These Christian doctrines are important.

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Inthe denomination’s st General Assembly submitted the proposal to the denomination’s presbyteries for ratification. Besware wat teen die Belydenis ingebring is, het te make met sy ontstaansgeskiedenis, sy status as konfessie en inhoudelike besware.

A discerning mind demonstrates wisdom and insight that go beyond what is seen and heard. Return to top of page. According to the Belhar Confession, unity is both a gift and an obligation for the church.

At the end of the study, some practical guidelines are given for church leaders and pastors who wish to make use of the missional value of Belhar by facilitating and organizing an open and honest dialogue between members of the DRC-family.

If everyone would throw aside preconceptions, biases, and presuppositions and just accept the Christian doctrines the Bible teaches, division would not be a problem. Sometimes, division over non-essential matters is necessary as well although belydejis to a lesser degree. Objections on Belhar has to do with factors surrounding its inception, its status as confession and objections on certain textual formulations.

The Presbyterian Church U. If Christian doctrine is causing division on any of these points, so be it, as those who deny these doctrines need to be separated from. He will realize these things.