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Just before leaving Oxford Laura has a discussion with a friend who claims that Americans often don’t understand the true meaning of. “Shakespeare in the Bush” by Laura Bohannan can be used as an introduction to the concept of culture, moral universals, human nature, and anthropology. Laura Bohannan’s article in Natural History, Shakespeare in the Bush introduces anthropology to a broad audience through a retelling of Hamlet.

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However, many reviews of Return to Laughternoted it as her work, [5] and shajespeare editions were published without the pseudonym. I protested in vain. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Men, women, and children sat on their hillocks and drank it. Retrieved from ” https: Bohannan used a pseudonym for this book, presumably because she felt its popular tone and autobiographical format were inappropriate for her professional reputation.

Summary of Shakespeare in the bush | Nannahauge’s Blog

Notify me of new comments via email. Western society would view this remarriage as a form of incest and would not be socially acceptable. The cultural and language barriers between the two parties result in an entirely different telling of this most famous of English plays, with her audience left puzzling over Westerners’ inability to understand their own literature.

Bohannan is also part of a small school of women whose studies in anthropology were initially rejected because of their holistic and sometimes personal approach and style. Thus, the essay is often used by students of anthropologylinguisticsand literary theory as a means of understanding how perspective affects perception sahkespeare expectation. I eventually settled on the hillock of a very knowledgeable old man, the head of a homestead of some hundred and forty people, all of whom were either his close relatives or their wives and children.


I found moral arguments were of no avail, since in-laws are fair game, and the technical hazards of forgery difficult to bohamnan to an illiterate people. She protests, and claims that human nature is the same all over the world, apart from certain details.

Mr WordPress on Hello world! Since my arrival, letters were brought to me to be read.

She studies to a point where she is sure that Hamlet only has one possible interpretation. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here You are commenting using your WordPress.

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Bohannan learns that no values are truly universal, because the way you understand things is different in different cultures. The busj Laura Bohannan presents is flawed. One night three men were keeping watch outside the homestead of the great chief, when suddenly they saw the former chief approach them. The Tiv also had an explanation for he supernatural events that occurred. The difference in culture had a large impact on the interpretation of Hamlet.

People began to drink at dawn. Most of the ceremonies demanded the presence of elders from several homesteads. Cut to the Bone. Because no ceremonies is performed, the people of the tribe, rhe to drink and telling stories.

I was quite mistaken. One day I crawled through the low doorway and found most of the men of the homestead sitting huddled in their ragged cloths on stools, low plank beds, and reclining chairs, warming themselves against the chill of the rain around a smoky fire. Then I poured some more into the same gourd for the shakesperae second in seniority to my host before I handed my calabash over to a young man for further distribution.

I was quite sure that Hamlet had only one possible interpretation, and that one universally obvious. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.


They married 15 May She choose to tell the story of Hamlet, realizing that this is her chance to prove that Hamlet is understandable in every culture. By continuing to use this website, you agree to boahnnan use. Bohannon was learning that the Tiv culture and belief systems did not allow the storyline to progress in the same way as Shakespeare wrote it.

While telling the story, she encounters certain problems, due to cultural differences, and linguistic difficulties. Men filled their long wooden pipes and knocked coals from the fire to place in the pipe bowls; then, puffing contentedly, they sat bohanan to listen. In the center were three pots of beer. Bohannan had to agree with this although it may not have been exact; Laertes did wish to kill Hamlet. Early every morning, in the hope of having some serious talk before the beer party, I used to call on the old man at his reception hut—a circle of posts supporting a thatched roof above a low mud wall to keep out wind and rain.

After the stories conclusion the elder added his thoughts about the tales finish.

Laura Bohannan

He was, after all, a very English poet, and one can easily misinterpret the universal by misunderstanding the particular. She retired in Then, I thought, they would have even more time to perform ceremonies and explain them to me.

Although these answers were not the same the bus viewed she found them fascinating and she modeled the remaining parts of the story around them. Email required Address never made public.