Brahmagupta was an Indian mathematician, born in AD in Bhinmal, a state of Rajhastan, India. He spent most of his life in Bhinmal which was under the rule. Brahmagupta was an Ancient Indian astronomer and mathematician who lived from AD to AD. He was born in the city of Bhinmal in Northwest India. Brahmagupta was a famous mathematician and astronomer who lived in seventh century India. His ideas were so profound that they still influence.

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Multiplication, evolution, and unknown quantities were represented by abbreviations of appropriate terms. Although Brahmagupta does not explicitly state that these quadrilaterals are cyclic, it is apparent from his rules that this is the case.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Brahmagupta. His work was very significant considering the fact that he had no telescope or scientific equipment to help him arrive at his conclusions. Brahmagupta lived beyond CE. brahmaguota


In chapter twelve of his BrahmasphutasiddhantaBrahmagupta provides a formula useful for generating Pythagorean triples:. Brahmagupta was born in CE according to his own statement. That is, he sought whole numbers x and y such that 92 x 2 …. A negative minus zero is negative, a positive [minus zero] positive; zero [minus zero] is zero. He stressed the importance of these topics as a qualification for a mathematician, or calculator ganaka.


The difference between rupaswhen inverted and divided by the difference of the unknowns, is the unknown in the equation. He further gives a theorem on rational triangles. In Brahmagupta devised and used a special case of the Newton—Stirling interpolation formula of the second-order to interpolate new values of the sine function from other values already tabulated. Biograhpy then gives rules for dealing with five types of combinations of biogralhy Indian astronomic material circulated widely for centuries, even passing into medieval Latin texts.

Also, if m and x are rational, so are dab and c. Brahmagipta key to his solution was the identity, [24]. Their two segments are separately the upper and lower segments [formed] at the intersection of the diagonals. In braahmagupta eighteen of his BrahmasphutasiddhantaBrahmagupta describes operations on negative numbers.

Brahmagupta Biography

Here Brahmagupta uses names of objects to represent the digits of place-value numerals, as was common with numerical data in Sanskrit treatises. Little is known about the life of Bhaskara; I is appended to his name to distinguish him from a 12th-century Indian astronomer of biogralhy. At the end of a bright [i. The details regarding his family life are obscure. The two square-roots, divided by the additive or the subtractive, are brahamgupta additive rupas.

The additive is equal to the product of the additives. Like the algebra of Diophantusthe algebra of Brahmagupta was syncopated.


He is believed to have lived and worked in Bhinmal in present day Rajasthan, India, for a few years. Hence, the elevation of the horns [of the crescent can be derived] from calculation. Brahmagupta’s writings were taken to Baghdad, from where they influenced the development of the exact sciences in the Arab world.

If there are many [colors], the pulverizer [is to be used]. The base decreased and increased by the difference between the squares of the sides divided by the base; when divided by two they are the true segments. Brahmagupta was a highly accomplished ancient Indian astronomer and mathematician who was the first to give rules to compute with zero.

Perhaps his most famous result was a formula for the area of a cyclic quadrilateral a four-sided polygon whose vertices all reside on some circle and the length of its diagonals in terms of the length of its sides. In addition to being an accomplished astronomer, he was also a much revered mathematician.

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