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I absolutely love the running meme of Brian’s fire eating speech. They mentioned it Brian Brushwood’s Fire Eating Speech. “The concept of. At last! Award-winning bizarre magician Brian Brushwood unveils the most complete explanations of fire eating to date! Nothing is held back in.

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The Professional’s Guide to Fire Eating

Brian Brushwood and Jason Murphy, professional idiots, field test the things that will make you the most interesting person in the room. Continuing The Running Joke self.

They mentioned it on more than one occasion if I remember correctly. This is of 3 different videos which I transcribed by hand and mixed together for one whole speech. Just a reminder that this was all created by Brian I just typed out what he said:.

As far back as the ancient Greek tragedy Medea, references are made to holding a bar of red-hot iron to prove innocence or sincerity. The first written account of a fire eater, however, occurs in when a guy named Henry Wotton wrote of an Bruehwood sailor who could eat fire as though it were candy.

The Professional’s Guide to Fire Eating by Brian Brushwood on Apple Books

With that in mind, I’m going to show eatinh guys the simplest method to extinguish a torch with one’s mouth. Now the first successfully and commercially viable fire eating act went on tour during the s and it was a guy named Richardson who was renowned not only for his ability to swallow flame, but for the apparent affinity he would display for it.


In fact, some people claimed that his teeth were so calloused that he could hold a burning torch between them just like so. By the s, we come to a time that some people call the Golden Age of fire eaters. This is a time when performers who had names like Yama Deva or Ching Ling Foo shifted the focus of fire eating away from the tolerance of the heat and flame and instead moved it towards the artistry and skill with which one manipulates it.

By the s, the popularity of fire eaters had taken a nosedive. In fact Harry Houdini called it an art over which oblivion threatens to stretch her darkening wings.

The Professional’s Guide To Fire Eating by Brian Brushwood

This is when fire eaters were kicked out of the theaters where, in order draw bigger crowds, they began performing increasingly dangerous stunts like the tongue transfer.

Or perhaps… eating twice the flame at once. Now I’m going to conclude this demonstration by showing you guys the single most difficult and the most dangerous of the fire eating stunts. This one is called the human candle. Alternatively, you can copy and paste grushwood link: Also, here, first sentence of the 3rd paragraph is a bit different by only a cire words; ” It was performed by a french man who was renowned not only Brian still wrote it.


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I just typed out what he said: Want to add to the discussion? Or anyone for that matter I do get a little anticipation chills for discovering if the timer will be reset or not.