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It is written as a recorded dialogue between the Rishi Parashara and his disciple Maitreya. The origins of Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra are controversial. The Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (abbreviated to BPHS) is a foundational compilation of Hora Shastra is the most comprehensive extant work on natal astrology in Hindu astrology ascribed to any Rishi or sage according to the text itself. Buy Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra Second Japanese translation (Japanese Edition): Second Japanese translation (Japanese Edition) by [Rishi Parashara] .

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If 9ths Lord is in 11th House, the native will enjoy financial gains day by day, be devoted to elders, virtuous and meritorious in acts. Product details File Size: Sri Vishnu, who is the Lord of brihar matterswho has undefiled spirit, who is endowed with the three Gunas, although he transcends the grip of Gunas Gunatitawho is the Author of this Universe, who is glorious, who is the Cause and who is endowed with valour, has no beginning.

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Argala, or Intervention from Planets. Fame, wealth, abundant psrashara and comforts of the body will be acquired, if Lagn Lord is in a Movable Rasi and be drishtied by a benefic Grah. Mangal has the first 12 degrees in Mesh, as Mooltrikon with the rest therein becoming simply his own Bhava.

If Lagnas Lord is in 11th House, the native will always be endowed with gains, good qualities, fame and many wives.

If Randhr’ s Lord is in an angle, long life is indicated. Trikon Shodhana in the AshtakaVarg Ch. There are believed to be post-Vedic texts which explain the origins and history of the Universe. If the Lord of Dhan is in an angle, while Labh Lord is in a trine thereof, or is drishtied by, or yuti with Guru and Sukr, the subject will be wealthy. Bandhu, Yuvati, or the 10 thor its trine Putr, Dharmcontaining a benefic, is a powerful remedy for all, related to health.

Should Dhan Bhava be occupied by Rahu, Budh, Sukr, Surya and Sani, the child’s birth has been after its father’s death, while even the mother will face early death. Between to she is very auspicious, see ‘Atishubhapred’.

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In the case of an even Rasi the quantum of Trimshahs, Grah lordship and deities get reversed. If Surya and Candr join in one and the same Bhava and fall in one Navahs, the native will be nurtured by three different mothers for the first three months from its birth and will later on be brought up by its father and brother. Indications of Putr Bhava. Effects of Vyaya Bhava Ch. Malefics in Vyaya and 7 thwhile decreasing Candr is in Putr denote, that the native will be controlled by spouse, who will be inimical to the race or family.

Surya in Sahaj Bhava will destroy the preborn. On account of it having been recompiled and rewritten, we have to approach the text with a careful eye for it is quite likely that mistakes have crept in and that parts may have been added which do not actually belong. Whatever effects are to be known from the Karm and Labh Bhava, be also known from similar Bhavas, counted from Surya.

If Ari’s Lord is in Sahaj Bhava, the native will be given to anger, be bereft of courage, inimical to all of his co-born and will have disobedient servants. The eighth portion is Lord-less. If 4ths Lord is in 7th House, the native will be endowed with a high degree of education, will sacrifice his patrimony and be akin to the dumb in an assembly.

If the natal Lagn is an odd Rasi, count directly from Mesh to natal Lagn. If 10ths Lord is in 9th House, one born of royal scion will become a king, whereas an ordinary native will be equal to a king.

He will be free from diseases. Saturn Sadesati For Life. The said native will live with rich clothes and ornaments, be learned and Lordly. Similar effect will occur, if Vyaya’ s Lord is with Surya. They go by designations Brihst divineManushya human and Rakshasa devilish in a successive and repetitive order for a Movable Rasi. Krishna Rau and V.


Full text of “Parashara Hora Sastra”

The Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra was created by Rishi Parashara in the form of a question and answer session between the Rishi and his follower Maitreya. Ardhaprahar, Budh’s son, is in own Rasi, if in Mithun. If Lagn Lord, Budh, Guru, or Sukr be in an angle, or in a trine, the native will be long lived, wealthy, intelligent and liked by the king.

He will be famous, virtuous, honourable, adventurous and wealthy. It is strong in nights and rises with back. Sukr in Dhan, while Yuvati Lord is in Labh will give marriage at the age of 10, or Should Sahaj Bhava be yuti with, or drishtied by a benefic, the native will be endowed with co-born and be courageous.

Effects of Dhan Bhava Ch. Nakshatra based Dasas, such as Vimshottari Dasa, plus many others, are more extensively dealt with in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra than in any other text and it is quite likely that Parashara was the original disseminator of Nakshatra Dasas. Write a customer review. The degree, ascending at the time of start of Gulik’ s portion as abovewill be the longitude of Gulik at a given place.

If Yuvati’s Lord is in Randhr Bhava, the native will be deprived of marital happiness. Enmity on one count combined with affinity on the other ;arashara into equality. Should it be of mixed nature, co-born of both sexes will be obtained.

Education – Next 12 Months. If Lagn’s Lord is a benefic, while Bandhu’s Lord is in fall, or in Labh Bhava and the significator Sukr is in Vyaya Bhava, the sshastra will obtain conveyances in his 12 th year. His wealth will increase day by day. His wife will be troubled by diseases, be devoid of good disposition and will not obey the native.