In this study, the phytochemical profile of extracts from the flowers of Bromelia laciniosa was characterized. The total phenolic and flavonoids contents were. Bromelia laciniosa (left); Neoglaziovia variegata (middle); and Encholirium spectabile (right) grown in Petrolina, Pernambuco, Brazil. Photos. Molecules. Sep 6;22(9). pii: E doi: /molecules Non- Polar Natural Products from Bromelia laciniosa, Neoglaziovia variegata and.

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Bromelia laciniosa natively known as macambirais part of the bromeliad plant family, or in other words, the pineapple family—though not all bromeliads resemble the common pineapple.

Abstract Extensive regional droughts are already a major problem on all inhabited continents and severe regional droughts are expected to become an increasing and extended problem in the future. From the edible leaves of B. Several recent severe regional droughts have led to increased interest in exploiting drought resistant edible plants as human food sources and as forage for domesticated animals. Comparison of TIC for B. Phylogeny, adaptive radiation, and historical biogeography in Bromeliaceae: Altogether, 20 non-polar natural products were characterized.

This allows for applications of a broad selection of 2D NMR spectroscopic experiments, which are now accessible within an acceptable time scale of approximately 15—30 min per experiment.

NMR plant metabolomics is, among others, a complementary strategy for identification of known plant metabolites of plant-derived extracts and allows for the detection of signals of all compounds present in the sample at sufficient lacibiosa to be detected. A significant negative of working with Bromelia laciniosa is that the extraction of its leaves is very laborious; the plant’s blades need to be trimmed and packed into bundles to make the lwciniosa of its stalks more productive.


For the lacinisoa time, the non-polar constituents of B. The site for collecting the leaves of B. Please review our privacy policy. The relative quantities of each compound were calculated based on the peak heights in the total ion chromatogram. This page was last edited on 23 Marchbronelia Although stigmastanone Compound 14 has not been identified from Bromeliaceae previously the unsaturated form stigmastenone has previously been identified from Ananas erectofolius [ 28 ].

Extensive regional droughts are already a major problem on all inhabited continents and severe regional droughts are expected to become an increasing and extended problem in the future. Notice that the characteristic signal patterns of the pure standard compounds matches the corresponding signals of the same compounds present as part of mixture comprising the extract of N.

Bromelia laciniosa ·

Evaluation of nonpolar metabolites in plant extracts by 13 C NMR spectroscopy. Implementing phytosterols into medical practice as lafiniosa cholesterol—Lowering strategy: As part of our ongoing work on the characterization of natural products from food and medicinal plants aimed at rationalizing the molecular basis of their applications, the constituents of non-polar extracts of B.

Altogether, six very long-chain n -alkanes were identified Figure 3. This species is used as a supplementary food supply in famine emergencies by rural communities in the semi-arid Caatinga region [ 19 ]. Views Read Edit View history. Strong fibers can also be extracted from Bromelia laciniosa ; the blades of the plant are cut, its thorns removed, its leaves fermented laciniosx several days to loosen up the fibers, and then its stalks are dried and readied for fiber extraction; a caveat though is that this process gives off a pungent odor, so this task should be performed in a contained area.

Conversion to long-chain alcohols in vivo is achieved by the action of different cytochrome P enzymes, which hydroxylate alkanes at several positions [ 26 ]. Helium was used as carrier gas with a flow rate of vromelia. Bromelia laciniosa left ; Neoglaziovia variegata middle ; and Encholirium spectabile right grown in Petrolina, Pernambuco, Brazil.


Macambira, Bromelia laciniosa, stone, 2017, Caatinga, Boa Vista, Paraíba, Brazil

Otros exudados gomosos en especies argentinas del genero bromelia. A total of 13 natural products including six triterpenoids were identified from N. All 2D NMR experiments were recorded without spinning.

Plant Material Leaves of Lciniosa. Altogether, 20 compounds were for the first time identified in the chromatograms of the hydrophobic crude extracts of B. Altogether, seven triterpenoids were identified from the investigated Bromeliaceae species Figure 4. Phytochemical screening, antioxidant and antibacterial activity of extracts from the flowers of Neoglaziovia variegata Bromeliaceae J.

Y Bromelia laciniosa mart.

Macambira (Bromelia laciniosa) | Evaldo HS Nascimento | Flickr

In addition to pure samples of There is little authoritative information about Bromelia laciniosa available, and more research is required. Extracts have exhibited no signs of toxicity towards mice [ 20 ]; have been reported to exhibit antioxidant [ 2122 ], photoprotective [ 22 ], and anti-nociceptive activity in mice models [ 20 ]; gastroprotective activity in a mice model of gastric ulcer [ 23 ]; bormelia antibacterial activity towards Gram-negative [ 1821 ] and Gram-positive bacteria [ 21 btomelia.

After drying, the plant materials were powdered in a mill. Ethanol extracts of N. Studies on phenolic constituents from leaves of pineapple Ananas comosus China Bromeia. At the beginning of the rainy season, N. This article is an open access article distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution CC BY license http: