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Mit Fried und Freud “With peace and joy”BuxWV 76, is the common name for a piece of funeral music composed by Dieterich Buxtehude as an homage to his father in The composer named the work Fried- und Freudenreiche Hinfarth Departure enriched by Peace and Joy when he published it the same year. It is one of few compositions published during Buxtehude’s lifetime. Buxtehude composed a canon, Divertisons nous BuxWVwritten in an album of Menno’s son and datedshowing that he had good relations with the Hanneken family.

Buxtehude published both works together the same year. Walther believed it to be the only one of “his many artful keyboard works” so to appear. The first part of the funeral 776, composed inis in two movements of counterpoint and development:.


The score of the four-part setting in strict counterpoint does not indicate voices or instruments. It can be played on an organ, or by four instruments; and the cantus firmus which appears in the soprano and in the bass can be sung.

The soprano begins in Contrapunctus I, the bass takes over in Evolutio, while the soprano has the first bass line. Alto and tenor change similarly.

Mit Fried und Freud (Buxtehude) – Wikipedia

The deliberate display of counterpoint has been compared to Bach’s Art of Fugue. The seven stanzas of the Klag-Lied or lamentation are set, without any ritornellosfor sopranotwo unspecified instruments and basso continuo. Snyder describes buxav text as “deeply personal in tone, and the sombre music reflects its grief”.

The scoring has been debated. The viol was associated in Germany with funeral music, for example in Buxtehude’s Membra Jesu Nostria five-part viol consort plays only at the climax of the piece, and a viol is the obbligato instrument in the aria ” Es ist vollbracht ” in Bach’s St John Passion.


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Mit Fried und Freud, BuxWV 76 (Buxtehude, Dietrich)

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