Download the Interlogix Networx (NX4, NX6, NX8, NX8E) Quickstart Guide HERE Programming Code = Master User Code= Program Mode= *8 +. The NX-8E NetworX from Caddx represents a new approach to the design of security systems. The NX-8E is probably the most flexible, durable, and. OFF I_ OFF_I 7 Test Reports Disabled. OFF I_ OFF_I 8 Program, Download & Log Full Disabled. Events to Report Phone 2 Second segment (Toggle On/Off then.

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Nx-8 Programming Worksheets – Ge NXE – Caddx 8 Zone LED Keypad Installation Manual [Page 39]

There was no corresponding value in Vera for that baud rate so I left it at Here are the steps and location entries you must make to program the alarm for Vera plugin control of the alarm system: March 30, I don’t think the baud rate matters as long as they match on the panel and vera side. The factory default program code is “” but most alarm companies change the program code and are reluctant to give it out Segment 1, Segment 2 etc Programing I set my baud rate in Vera to match it worked.


The settings below show how to program the NX8-e directly from the alarm lcd panel: After entering, for exampleyou are greeted with a series of “Segments” Since I don’t dabble in this frequently this threw me for a loop so I thought I would post the correct value in case anyone else has this problem. Took a look this morning as I could not get it to communicate and checked what I had my panel set at and it was indeed 4.

Location Data to be entered: Did you miss your activation email? Home Help Search Login Register. Somehow my baud rate was set to for my serial connection on Vera and when I went back through all my settings I noticed that this post indicated my baud rate should be set to option 4 31, Check out our YouTube training videos. The asterisk also takes you from segment to segment.

You must get this “program” code to continue or get the alarm company to program the following!


Caddx NX-8 v1 Program Sheet

I had an issue where my panel became disconnected from my Vera unit tends to happen when my lights go off, haven’t figured it out yet and I have to reboot the alarm system and reload Luup engine to fix it. Smart Home, made easy.

Some locations have only one segment and others have several. But is not a valid option according to the documentation in my panel. Please login or register.

For Locationenter ” “. Just thought I would make note of this. Each segment has up to 8 data positions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 which are either turned on you see the number displayed on programmig screen or OFF the individual number is NOT displayed.

I looked at the book and option 4 is 38,