Cassels and Fröhlich. First printed in , this book has been essential reading for aspiring algebraic number theorists for more than. Solutions to the Cassels-Fröhlich exercises. Dorian Ni. May First of all, many thanks to Kevin Buzzard for his kind help, and for his willingness to answer . Cassels–Froehlich errata. July 18, Consider what God has done: Who can straighten what he has made crooked? Ecclesiastes 1 These errata.

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Introduction to Algebraic Number Theory

Page 78, first line of display A. Pageline 3 of section 2.

Page 73, line 6: The Theorem in the latter section is the correct formulation: If this thread does get closed, feel free to email comments to buzzard at imperial. But judging by the upvotes I have misjudged this. MathOverflow works best with JavaScript enabled. I remember Serre explaining long ago that the reference to Stalin was a mischievous joke linked to NATO’s sponsorship of the conference. I did not do any proofreading of my list either!!

Page 70, line Pageline 2 of section 3. It’s “borderline when it comes to casxels I want MO to be” ;- which is just loads of fun precisely-worded questions with precise answers. Pagelast line before Corollary 1: Here’s one I didn’t see on the list on mathoverflow: I think the “action” they define is not an action, and I think the first couple of sentences of section 4 should be: Pagelast line of Exercise 5.


books – Erratum for Cassels-Froehlich – MathOverflow

After “can be taken casselss be rational integers” add the following parenthesis: If you think the typos really are typos, frohllch up: Why is this borderline?

Schoof’s casssls will be very useful; its length shows that the new edition will need at least one or two pages of corrections. And here’s one which I spotted: In my opinion this is an excellent example of a good community wiki question!

Below my 51 errata that I didn’t see on your list or in William Stein’s mail yet. Page 52, part 3 of the first definition: However it seems to me that implicit in the article is a “non-standard” but isomorphic to the standard definition.

Bill Stein independently got in touch with me to tell me about the two typos on p99 he’s giving a talk on that chapter in 30 minutes’ time!

I may have made an error, but I think page isn’t actually mistaken: Here, completely unedited, is the bulk of an email I just got from Rene Schoof. Sign up using Facebook.

I posted this question in several other places as well the nmbrthry mailing list, and sci. I’ll post anything I get.

This is a delicate one. I’ve had emails saying “I have a big list of corrections; here are the ones that haven’t already been mentioned. Page grohlich, line I think that the last full sentence at the bottom of p98 is wrong. Also, the verification that the displayed map is actually inverse to the Artin map seems to merit a tiny bit of explanation using the identification of artin map with cup product against fundamental class in Serre’s treatment of the local case.


I’ve started reading chapter 1.

Math Introduction to Algebraic Number Theory

Ok, the deadline has past, I’ve spent days going through the results, and I have frohlic them all here: If this definition is used then what the authors write seems to be OK. In my copy of the book, the footnote does not refer to Stalin.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Pageproof of Proposition 1: Oesterle points out that the “standard” definition of a co-induced module is Hom Lambda,X with G-action g. I will update this file as comments come in. Q]and the definitions of f and g should subtracting some stuff. Pageline 9: Thanks to everyone that contributed. What I will do now is to compile everything I have now on the basis that I am not expecting much more into one pdf list, and post a link to it.

Pagelast line before section 2. On the other hand these partial lists have definitely been of help to some casssels, e. Page 54, line