Peer-Led Team Learning General Chemistry, Gosser, Strozak, Cracolice, 2nd edition. Pearson Prentice Hall. Catalyst, Laboratory Manual, Berlant. Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning, ISBN ISBN OWL Online Homework Catalyst, Laboratory Manual, Berlant. Catalyst, Laboratory Manual, Berlant Blackboard Course Web Site Calculator: A simple scientific calculator is necessary for CHEM Course Description.

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In compliance with CCNY policy and equal access laws, appropriate academic accommodations are offered for students with disabilities. Communicate concepts and problem solving of chemistry that have been presented in lecture.

catalyst lab solutions

Be aware and follow the safety requirements in a chemical laboratory. Apply chemical principles to selected applications in life science or technology. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. The laboratory component introduces students to common laboratory methods including visible spectroscopy and titration.

Periodic Table and Some Atomic Properties If you are still unable to solve the problem, then ask a friend, classmate, workshop leader, TA, or Professor for help. M,W,F W M Professor Glen Kowach Phone: Read the book and take notes as you read. No distinction is made between excused and unexcused absences. An in-depth introduction to the fundamental laws and techniques of chemistry for majors in science and engineering.


Review for Final 1 After completing this course, students should be able to: Analyze molecular modeling and graphic plots using computers.

Please look at a related problem in the solution manual to help you solve the assigned problem. The workshop is a peer-led, small group discussion of concepts and problem solving in general chemistry.

Chemistry – The City College of New York

Attendance general CCNY policy: Students have the right to appeal to the appropriate Committee on Course and Standing any decision made by individual faculty members or administrators about these academic matters. An instructor has the right to drop a student from a berlxnt for excessive absence.

Unit 11, Chapter Students must first register with The AccessAbility Center for reasonable academic accommodations. Workshop quiz, Weekly Class Quiz Friday. Quotes to study by! The Chemical Bond For all other courses, the number of hours absent may not exceed twice the number of contact hours the course meets per week.

Chemistry 103

A xatalyst scientific calculator is necessary for CHEM Solve problems involving solution chemistry such as titration and precipitation. Atoms and the Atomic Theory 4. Noise and excessive chatter, eating, drinking, or use of unauthorized electronic equipment is not allowed in the classroom.


Do the problem sets individually without help from friends or classmates initially. Electrons in Atoms Understand and apply concepts of balancing chemical reactions, and be able to perform stoichiometric calculations. You will be given a WU grade that converts to an F if not officially withdrawn within 3 weeks of the last day of the semester.

Chemistry 103 – The City College of New York

In courses designated as clinical, performance, laboratory or field work courses, the limit on absences is established by the individual instructor see above.

All students must read the details regarding plagiarism and cheating in order to be familiar with the rules of the college. Chemists and Chemistry Chapter 2. Express quantum energy levels of atoms and relate these to atomic properties.