Contact Lenses Grading Scales. Etiology. Normal grade. Comment. Bulbar redness. Dilation of bulbar vessels, e.g. due to mechanical stimulation. CCLRU O GRADING SCALES. CCLRU. SCCLRU. BULBAR REDNESS. SLIGHT. 2. SLIGHT. 3. MODERATE. SEVERE. OCCLRU. LIMBAL. Eye care professionals: See the Efron Grading Scales for a standard clinical reference for describing the severity of 16 contact lens complications.

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A report can then be exported for practice records without collecting patient personal data.

Int J Microcirculation Clin Exp ; 6: This may involve the use of movie sequence of images, a CD for the Efron gratings, a phone app, or computer software programs. Int Contact Lens Clinics ; They conclude that grading scales that are too coarse generally acales less sensitivity in the detection of meaningful clinical changes.

Doc Ophthalmol ; The repeatability of discrete and continuous anterior segment grading scales. Characteristics of corneal staining in hydrogel contact lens wearers.

For example, there may be specific fields for each eye, separate fields for slit lamp findings and previously drawn sketches of the eye, over which text or drawings can be interposed. scalds

Incremental nature of anterior eye grading scales determined by objective image analysis

Word description, sketches and grading scales were used more for recording scalees anterior eye health of contact lens wearers than other patients, but photography was used by a similar number. Annunziato and Efron pictorial, and CCLRU and Vistakon-Synoptik photographic grades of bulbar hyperaemia, palpebral hyperaemia roughness, and corneal staining were analysed. Slit lamp classification system.

Two important recent studies help us to reach a more standardised approach. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci ; J Am Optom Assoc ; The occasional apparent reversal in severity in several of the scales could arise from gfading in the scale images, such as the lack of an appropriate photographic image taken with similar perspective and illumination or from scale designers considering a range of feature characteristics to assess the grade of an image.

  ASTM E2375 PDF

Evaluation of the range of areas of the fluorescein staining patterns of the tarsal conjunctiva in man. Open in a separate window.

EFRON-CCLRU GRADING SCALES for (Android) Free Download on MoboMarket

Clinical grading scales Closing Date: Clinical grading of the upper palpebral conjunctiva of non-contact lens wearers. This results in the lower end of the scale being more sensitive sxales smaller change between grades than the upper end of the scale.

This duplicitous practice represents a conservative approach to record keeping and suggests that many practitioners consider the recording of clinical grades and clinical photography to be complementary approaches. A new computer assisted objective method for quantifying vascular changes of the bulbar conjunctivae. Most practitioners graded to the nearest whole unit Finer scales have the advantage of being capable of recording clinical change more sensitively. Journal List Br J Ophthalmol v.

Evidence suggests that concordance tends to improve gradinh training or practice. A second study was by Efron et al. Staining can differ in intensity dependent on factors such as the amount of fluorescein instilled, tear film production and drainage, depth of the woundarea, shape, cc,ru segmentation. Fieguth PSimpson TL. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Support Center Support Center.

All the staining extent scales analysed, except the Vistakon-Synoptik scale, depicted more than one type of staining and therefore assessing the ability of image analysis measures to determine the severity of staining is complicated. Whilst Efron overcomes these difficulties by encouraging artistic clarity and licence so as to emphasise and isolate the condition that is being evaluated, it is considered by some a departure from the real life situation in as much as different conditions feed and depend on each other and, therefore, occur simultaneously and should appear as such in a single image.

Clinical grading scales also offer practitioners the most effective way of monitoring the health of an eye wearing a contact lens. Automated measurement of bulbar redness. If we are working in settings where patients are being seen by multiple practitioners, it is critical ggrading the same scales be used and the same rules applied, to ensure that numbers assigned to appearance by different practitioners match.


Paper records may also have specific sections for recording clinical information, as well as previously drawn ocular sketches for annotation.

C42682: Clinical grading scales

gracing The objective scalws image analysis grading techniques used in these studies have not yet been generally used in clinical practice. Further investigation of the palpebral response to stimuli such as antigens, toxic chemicals, and mechanical effects is required to determine whether the response is similar and how it should be best depicted or photographed for grading purposes.

Where the work gets done. Although the difference is again within the variability of clinical grading 7 and relative change will govern clinical decision making, individual grading strategies will increase the variance between individuals, and hence decrease the statistical power of clinical research studies or the ability of clinicians to monitor small changes over time.

Analysis of microvascular network in bulbar conjunctiva by image processing. Am J Optom Physiol Opt ; This study again highlights the high repeatability of image analysis techniques and their ability to assess a range of indicators of anterior ocular physiology. The subjective judgement that a practitioner makes at the slit lamp is however a complex one to mimic objectively.

What we are not that good at, however, is being consistent with our colleagues. A novel grading method for superficial punctate keratopathy magnitude and its correlation with corneal epithelial permeability.

Approaches to this challenge are still emerging and further developments in this area are anticipated. Am J Ophthalmol ; Social media and Frading success Seven ways: