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Coin Acceptors (Coinco) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of coin mechanisms, bill acceptors, control systems, and vending machines for the. Vantage · BillPro · Bill Recyclers (1/0). Vantage VR6 · Product History (2/0). Bill Acceptors · Coin Changers · iris (2/2). iris Reader · iris Media · Coinco-Office (0/1) . COINCO GLOBAL 2® SERIES O P E R AT I O N AN D S E R V I CE MANUAL TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION 1: GENERAL INFORMATION.

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The manual is intended for owners, route operators and shoplevel technicians as a primary source of information. A label indicating the coin changer model number and serial number can be found on gloabl side of the coin changer.

Refer to the model and serial number whenever you call upon your Coinco Service Centre for information or service.

For your information, the first four digits of the serial number indicates when the unit was built which is also the beginning of the warranty period. The first two digits indicate the week of manufacture; the third and fourth digits indicate the year of manufacture.

For example, Serial Number would indicate that the unit was manufactured in the 15th week of It is programmable through a digital display making it easy to set up a user configuration.

COINCO Global 2 MDB (cat. B) – Second hand change giver

All Global changers are equipped with the MDB interface as standard. For electromechanical vending machines. For vending machines equipped with an electronic BDV serial interface. All models have MDB in addition to the primary protocol XXX The first digit of the model number indicates the series of the changer 7, 8 or 9. The last two digits indicates the changers payout configuration. Z Indicates any special options.

Tubes snap in and out of housing for easy customization of your changer Pays out change from self-loading, high capacity change tubes Two motors provide fast, accurate payout. Programmable tube floats allow variable tube level adjustment. State-of-the-art electronic logic system is designed for reliability and performance.

Lightweight, rugged plastic construction. All models equipped with the MDB protocol. Lockable coin loading door allows easy hand-loading of coin tubes while keeping dirt and debris out of the changer. After Unpacking After unpacking the unit, inspect it for any possible shipping damage.

If the unit is damaged, notify the shipping company immediately. Only the consignee the person or company receiving the unit can file a claim against the carrier for shipping damage. We recommend that you keep the original shipping carton and packing materials to reuse if you need to transport or ship your changer in the future.

If the coin changer is being stored or used as a spare, always keep it in its shipping carton when not in use. This globl keep it clean and offer the best protection for the unit. Power Requirements by model MDB Remove power from the vending machine. Remove the acceptor from the changer by releasing acceptor latch and rotating the top of globa acceptor forward, away cooinco changer see Figures 1 and 2.


Unplug ribbon cable from changer. Free acceptor studs from changer housing. Place the acceptor in a clean area. With the acceptor removed, set the mounting holes in the back of the changer housing over the mounting screws in the vending machine. Tighten securely see Figure 3. Do not over tighten as this could damage the gllobal housing. Replace the acceptor by inserting bottom acceptor studs into changer housing guides.

Plug the ribbon cable into the changer see Figure 2. Figure 1 Series Figure 2 5. Connect the appropriate interface harness to the vending machine.

See typical setup examples coino the protocol being used: Figure 8 for 4-Price Electromechanical 7. Set the desired vend price and options on the changer.

Refer to Section 3: Check to make sure the tube cover and acceptor studs are properly installed. Test the coin changer with a variety of coins to glbal proper operation. Press the top of the acceptor into the changer housing until the acceptor latches and locks. If gloal tube loading door is not locked additional option hand load the four coin tubes see Figure 4.

Tilting the coin tube loading door open, load the four coin tubes. Payout at least two coins from each tube to set tube counters. Hand loading the tubes will not give an accurate audit reading. If audit is required, the globql should be loaded in Fill mode see relevant section of this manual for further details. Key reader, Bill validator, Audit device etc. The Display Mode is utilized via the four Inventory Buttons also located on the acceptor gate see Figure 9.

Digital Display Inventory Buttons This Display Mode is used to read information as well as to set different options including price settings and tube float levels.

Button activation will be recognized only if longer than 0.

Coinco Global 2

Once you have entered the Display Mode, Inventory Buttons A through D are used to move through the addresses as follows: Simultaneously press A and D to enter Display Mode.

Press B to increase scroll through the various addresses. Once you have reached the address you need to access, press Button C to enter the address. Information currently stored in non-volatile memory will be displayed with the far right decimal point illuminated. Use either Inventory Buttons B or D to increase or decrease the address values as needed.

Press Button C again to store the selection. Press A to return to the Address Display. Press A again to exit the Display Mode. You will exit the Display Mode if one of the following procedures is performed: No Inventory Buttons are pressed or coins are dropped for more than 45 seconds; 2.

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Depressing the A Button until the Display Mode is exited; 3. Automatic exit after hardware reset. If power is removed from the changer before the Display Mode is exited, the changes may not be saved. The last four Option Switches are used to enable or disable the following options: The swiches are ON in the upwards position.

Switch A SW9 Controls whether the escrow feature of the changer is inhibited. OFF Escrow not inhibited. Switch B SW10 Determines the operation mode of the changer. ON Operates as a Four-Price changer.

ON Vend is held until selection is made. OFF Vend is pulsed. If the lowest denomination coin is one, the highest vend price setting would be x 1 or The switches are ON in the upwards position. Set the vend price by adding the amount of the appropriate switches and setting them to the ON position see Figure After setting the vend price and the desired options, press and release the Mode Button to store the new setting. The vend price must be set to an amount greater than zero for the changer to accept coins in single-price mode.

Press C to enter. The current Price Setting is displayed. Use buttons B increase and D decrease to change C to the appropriate price. Press A to store price and return to the Display Mode. Press A to exit the diplay mode. The Display Mode will exit automatically if there is no programming action for 30 seconds.

Within 30 seconds, press and release any one desired product selection switch on the front of the machine.

Coinco Global 2

Repeat the above steps until the remaining three price lines have been assigned a vend price. The vend price can be set in single increments up to times the lowest denomination coin that is accepted by the changer and routed to a coin tube. If the first, fourth and fifth price setting switches are in the UP position, the vend price setting would be 25 x 1 or 25 assuming the lowest denomination coin accepted is 1.

If the price for one or more of the selections is set to zero, that selection is a free vend. Press B to scroll up to C Coijco 1. The current price setting is displayed. Press A to set the price and return to the Display Mode. Press B to increase to the next priceline E. Address Cpinco Priceline 2. Repeat steps for the remaining three prices. Once all four prices have been set, press A twice to exit the Display Mode.