COMNAVAIRFORINST C. 15 Jan 1-i. CHAPTER 1. Introduction and Guide for Using the Naval Aviation Maintenance. Program (NAMP) Instruction. comnavairforinst pdf – mishmatch – download comnavairforinst these files are related to comnavairforinst comnavairforinst – pdf. COMNAVAIRFORINST A. Supply Operations Manual (SOM) Ashore. COMNAVAIRFORINST B COMNAVAIRFORINST A.

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Information for obtaining logbook binders, forms, and other records is listed in Appendix B. Nonaviation miscellaneous equipment, even though repair cmonavairforinst be performed in the ship’s AIMD, for example, MG-5, automotive vehicles, crash cranes, deck scrubbers, and fork lifts. Enter the date the form was initiated. Subsequent record changes shall be treated as separate line items and signed accordingly.

For aircraft equipped with onboard automated rotor vibration and diagnostic capability, FCFs are not required when making small incremental adjustments to minimize rotor induced vibrations provided no other maintenance actions have been completed that would require comnavairfotinst FCF.

The O-level Logbook Clerk will perform the following: The Logbook Clerk will comply with the details in the related correspondence describing the required action. Direct liaison between QA and production divisions is a necessity and must be energetically exercised.

Replacement of components used in test bench repair. Aircraft with four or more independent attitude reference sources in which two sources are known good, and the integrity of those two sources has not been jeopardized, will not require an FCF.

Abuse of the priority system dilutes the effort the supply system can devote to units directly involved in combat. The plus 10 percent extension is not authorized for LCF limited items which have accumulated their assigned cycles or operating hours.

General station collateral equipment, including labor-saving devices Section C allowance list items. There may be exceptions to this requirement, such as aircraft procured for research and development only, or the number of aircraft comnavairforinsr is small and employment is restricted. The exception is when readiness requirements justify repair vice BCM due to excessive time to replenish the component. Enter comnavakrforinst replacement due based on total aircraft arrestments or landings plus service life arrestments or landings for the limited component.


Signature and rank of pilot accepting the aircraft. After posting the differences, the OPTAR holder will review the listing and annotate comnavairforknst considered invalid with the rejection codes. Naval messages or comnavxirforinst will be used to request approval to cannibalize only if the comnavairdorinst has no email connectivity.


Embarked air detachments will turn-in NRFI repairables to the host air capable ship for retrograde shipment to the supporting shore site POE. These are done sequentially at specified intervals. Special Inspection intervals are based on elapsed calendar time, flight hours, operating hours, or number of cycles or events, as specified in applicable maintenance technical manuals.

If OOMA connectivity does not support real time review and signatures, then electronic forms shall be emailed between sites and electronically signed. Some engines maintained under the major engine inspection concept also have this requirement while installed.

Following a regular acceptance or post D-level inspection, aircraft may be operated until the next phase is normally due.

Comnavairforinst 8380 2

Project codes are assigned to identify requisitions and related documents applicable to specific projects or programs. The disposition column is completed and keyed to notes to indicate the appropriate disposition of the item.

Recommendations for changes or revisions shall be forwarded, with justification, via the appropriate chain of command. MOs may designate authorization to sign logbooks via the MMP.

This is the cost of authorized items gross adjusted obligations used by the IMA to perform I-level maintenance. Classified logbook information will be safeguarded per applicable security regulations.

In certain cases, repair is authorized for components with inadequate operating time remaining to complete a phase interval, for example, RFI replacement is not available. The Type Wing Commander will initiate, coordinate, and monitor the special support procedures and will assure only a minimal range of essential material is approved for pack up or recommended for augmentation.

  A123 ANR26650 PDF

Completion of all required phases at their specified interval completes the phase inspection cycle. Deviation requests must contain sufficient detail on the conditions of the deviation. When the aircraft is transferred, the logbook is transferred with it. Authorized decals used on aircraft.

The activity transferring the item of SE may elect to increase the depth of inspection if the SE condition indicates such action is warranted and shall screen the item to ensure all periodic maintenance is current prior to shipping. Ensure all special and conditional inspections and the applicable portions of the appropriate MRCs, which are due or might reasonably be expected to fall due during the ferry mission, are completed or waived by this instruction prior to starting the mission.

Enter the shortage quantity. All aircraft logbook forms and records are purged per guidance provided for maintenance of each form and record. Each TD is assigned a title in relation to the part of the aircraft or specific equipment it affects.

Block 1 – DATE. Broad Arrow Addendum Message Format The Logbook Clerk will initiate, maintain, close out, reinitiate, and dispose of logbooks and records. This column may be used to enter brief remarks. In certain instances, aircraft may require more than one loose-leaf binder to accommodate the required forms and records.

Aircraft may be removed from preservation at the discretion of the MO.

Chapter 5 – NAVAIR

Refer to Chapter 3 for more information. The activity’s authorized level of maintenance is limited to check and test only and repair is required. The supply data furnished in this section is listed in columns. TDs must be arranged in the order listed in the following paragraph.