I picked up the Cryx card deck because I was needing Ripjaw stat cards and it didn’t have any in it. Was my deck messed up? How do I get this. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Warmachine Cryx Stat Card Faction Deck MK II PIP at Read honest and unbiased. Arm yourself for battle with the Warmachine: Cryx – Faction Deck (Mk III). This box contains stat cards for every Cryx model released before June 1,

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She retained great insights from her time in the void, but her mind was fractured and changed. Subscribe to Our Free Newsletter.

Warmachine Accessories: Cryx MkII Faction Deck (2010 Stat Cards)

While a mundane gibbet holds a living prisoner to waste away, a misery cage wrings arcane power from the flesh and souls of any locked away within.

Smog belchers are black ogrun who wield satt, culverin-style cannons. Crimson Fists Rules Leaked. Wraithblade earned her moniker from the blood-consecrated sword Anathema she wields. Marauders delight in setting fire to homes in the coastal communities they raid, waiting for the fleeing victims within to rush headlong into their waiting arms. Led by powerful and unholy lords of death, Cryx is a nightmare empire of the restless dead bound to the service of Lord Toruk, the Dragonfather.

Bane Witch Agatha is a deceivingly fast model. Most of the living humans who serve Cryx do so as part of the pirate raiding fleets. Caring little for their own safety, blighted trollkin marauders swing braziers on long chains that blaze with fire fed by rendered body fat and whale oil. From their nightmarish isles, the necromantic warcasters of Cryx lead their undead legions forth star strike at the Iron Kingdoms, laying waste to all in the name of the dragon Toruk.


They are notorious for being willful and bloodthirsty scoundrels of volatile temperament. For fifteen years, war has engulfed the Iron Kingdoms.

The real threat in this battlebox is the Reaper. These nigh uncontrollable constructs are more than mere killing machines, though; they are an accomplishment of malign intent. The most cadds necrotech creations stand above the legions of implacable undead: In this crucible of conflict, countless warriors have answered the call and forged their legends.

The murderously aggressive Seethers were created for slaughter, a task they achieve with singular efficiency.

They are very affordable and have models you would want to use even in bigger battles. Cryx jacks are notoriously squishy. These death-wrought immortals weave plans across generations, and machinations long forgotten are even now unraveling western Immoren. December 29th — Imperial Knights Dethroned.

Covens of these women may staf the Cryxian pirate fleets, guided by inscrutable omens. Cryxians stuff the dead and dying into misery cages so warcasters can draw upon their essence to fuel their profane magic, which renders the body within to crumbling ash, a terrifying but relatively merciful end.

Lich Lord Tenebrous found and recovered her soul and reunited it with her unliving flesh as a shadow of death. In a blur of billowing smoke, screaming metal, and bleeding hydraulics, just a few Deathrippers can strip a light warjack down to its components within minutes. The Deathripper can even damage heavier targets if they are affected by parasite.

Cryx Battlegroup Box | All New War

With their Cgyx included, the unit gains the Assault rule for their sprays, allowing them to wreak havoc on opposing infantry units. Please share in the comments below. The Misery Cage is a warcaster support model that gives extra focus to the already powerful spell-slinging warcasters of the Cryxian army.

Pre-order with your Coqui Account Manager today! These nigh-uncontrollable constructs are more than mere killing machines, though; they are an accomplishment of malign intent. Smog belcher weapons are crafted by skilled ironmongers, black ogrun metalsmiths who fuse their craft with rituals of bloodletting and dark magic.


The miniatures included are Bane Witch Agathia, a Deathripper light warjack, one Slayer heavy warjack and one Reaper heavy warjack, as well as 5 colour stat cards to help you use them in game. Please Visit Our Advertisers. These gauntlets greatly enhance their unliving strength; indeed, a mechanithrall’s strike is nearly as powerful as the impact from a steamjack. Some captains feed a coven a steady supply of victims, hoping that amid tortured screams, portents carss their future will be revealed.

Enthralled by the thrumming of blight in their flesh and blood, they indulge in feats of violence, showering in the blood of sacrifices while screaming prayers to the Dragonfather. The sets also provide all the gaming essential needed to play, dice, tokens as well as a gaming mat sfat a measuring rule. In order to help get the new generation off to a great start, cfyx kit contains a card and light warjack model for the child member of a team as well as special event-only stat cards for both parent and child.

These pirates are hardy due in part to the blight toughening their bodies but much more so because their lives are brutal and their battles frequent. Axiara Wraithblade brings a wide variety of cardd options to her army.


The Mechanithrall cardss comes in a box. They burrow up from underground lairs or swarm ashore from the dreaded blackships that sail the coastlines of the Iron Kingdoms powered by ghostly winds.

The soul drives grafted to their cortexes alter the behavior of these abominations in combat-captive souls give the Inflictor preternatural awareness of incoming threats. The models are made from high quality, easy to build, faction coloured plastic and look amazing.