If you are interested in breaking your game wide open when it comes to getting dates, you need to know what Cocky Funny is and how to USE IT to meet girls. Why “Cocky Funny” Works To Attract Women by Dating Expert – David DeAngelo When I talk to guys about how they feel trying to meet, approach, and talk to. What does David DeAngelo have to say about cocky comedy. How can you be cocky, funny, and attractive while dating women?.

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Pick out a key word from her response.

Cocky Comedy: How to Be Cocky and Funny (5 Secrets)

Me- “Oh, so, I am the right person, you like this situation, and overall, you feel comfortable. Oh its getting really tight in here now. You are impossible, at least the last girl invited me for a drink first. Likewise, if she comes back with coc,y that is less impressive, don’t bust her – she may be sensitive about it! Rocky July 20, at I got this in Paris. As a matter of a fact, one way I could start a conversation with a hot girl is like this First, being “cocky” deangrlo a matter of degree.


Cocky and funny approach

Well, I was hoping for some more romance, too! There are two issues with CF and it is very important to know about them:. I won’t miss your next seminar! You can say things to her like, “Yeah, you’re cute, but I’m used to dating much younger women”, or “Gee, what an interesting color for a dress”. It is super self amusing and you are not giving a fuck which makes it very cocky. Keep your eyes up here.

You see, younger women aren’t as intuitive as older women. These examples of CF are not all mine. Well, you could see more of me in the shower.

Cocky Comedy – How to Be Cocky Funny – David DeAngelo Dating

If you let your guard down, or she “slips by” you’re going to have a hell of a time regaining control. But believe me, humor isn’t an absolute necessity. You remind me of my dog. She laughed, and I said to my vavid, “Kids, so easily getting amused.

Of course cocky comedy works. You did things that I wouldn’t have necessarily done You are commenting using your WordPress. We get into what really makes women attracted to you, how you can be successful dwangelo women, and the secrets to a successful relationship.


Rocky July 19, at 6: Awesome, I normally dislike routines but one liners like these can be great. The shift in direction is funny and confusing.

I t even worked for a few guys with really specific personalities. I never put them together, like you put it, as a formula. I feel there are much easier ways to approach women, especially if you’re already funny anyway. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

She- “What do you mean you are shy? You should be grateful if I touch your forehead with them!!! Maybe you should go and check.

Your Friend, David DeAngelo. I did not mean to make this e-mail too long, but hey, I could not help it. Thus, don’t drop your guard.