and more detailed explanations on the carburettor’s operation and setting up, please refer to the specific handbook available on the official site Praxishandbuch Weber & Dellorto Querstromvergaser. Praxishandbuch Weber & Dellorto Querstromvergaser. 25,00 EUR. 7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs. Praxishandbuch Weber und Dellorto Querstromvergaser. 3 likes. Book.

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Controllare il giuoco assiale dell’ingranaggio intermedio dovrebbe essere 0,2 mm. Turn tensioner eccenter as far to the left as to obtain a gap of 6 mm between tooth belt and guide pulley when applying a pressure of 20 N.

Pull out dowel pin with pliers, place crankcase half on flat wooden board and knock out ball bearing from outside towards inside, tapping on the outer ring with an appropriate tool. Tap gently on gear shift shaft so that index handbucg 3 engages in operating position. Gang einlegen, Sicherungsblech aufbiegen und Sechstkantmutter SW 30 abschrauben.

Come aiuto al montaggio avvitare 2 viti a testa esagonale M5 nel tamburello, innestare una marcia per ottenere che, girando l’albero secondario la dentatura del gergaser e dell’albero primario ingranano.

Rework must not exceed 0,2 mm. Put clean cardboard on a flat surface, coat with thin film of sealing compound and spread out using a straightedge. The lever 9 for clutch cable must have approx.


Whenever the engine is removed, or the oil lines are disconnected, hansbuch is necessary to vent the oil system. Remove tab washer and locking tool. Togliere le 2 gabbie a rullini, la bussola cuscinetto e la ralla dall’albero primario.

Girare il motore con il lato di accensione verso l’alto. Montare l’albero messa in moto nel semicarter sinistro.

DellOrto PHM HS1/HD1/SD1/ZS1/ZD1 |

Check needles and cage for damage, replace if necessary. Clean machine and drain off engine oil, disconnect battery. Remove piston ring clamp and fit cylinder on dowel pins. Turn crankcase half on trestle into vertical position. Ignition timing advances steadily from – rpm, but remains constant above this speed. Fix puller plate with 4 screws M6x25 on magneto side crankcase surface. vefgaser

Praxishandbuch Weber & Dellorto Querstromvergaser

Sovrapporre l’attrezzo bloccaggio frizione 1 al tamburello frizione e svitare il dado M18 con chiave da Reassemble in reverse sequence. Magnetrad auf Kurbelwelle stecken, Federring auflegen, Sechskantmutter M18x1,5 mit ‘Loctite ‘ sichern und mit Nm festziehen.

Togliere i due bilancieri con 1 ralla e 1 rondella elastica di ciascun bilanciere. La rotellina index c deve girare liberamente.

Mitnehmerfixierung und Sicherungsblech entfernen. Check all bearing seats and sealing surfaces. Montare l’ingranaggio 2 sull’albero motore, inserire l’ingranaggio 3 sull’albero di compensazione in modo che i due segni di riferimento 4 siano allineati. Controllare i seguenti punti dell’albero motore: Sicherungsblech und Kettenrad abnehmen. When the camshaft is extracted, the shim behind the oil seal sometimes drops into the lock-ring groove thus hindering complete removal of camshaft.


Eventuell mit Fett in Position halten. Vor dem Herausnehmen der Ventile sind diese zu markieren. Neutral position of index disk between 1st and 2nd gear.

Lubricate piston pin bore, fit piston on connecting rod, and install piston pin 1 with guide tool 2. If necessary, dress on appropriate plate. Sommare le misurazioni sull’albero di compensazione con la larghezza dei due cuscinetti dell’albero.

Classic Carbs UK | eBay Shops

Hold pull-in spindle by hand, insert handle 4 into pull-in ring and turn handle clockwise until the crankshaft is fully seated in the bearing. Se necessario spianare su una piastra adatta.

M8x30 4 ungere con ‘Loctite ‘. Drahtsprengring auf Starterwelle und O-Ring auf Schaltwelle montieren.