Modular Root-Canal Treatment Instrument Dentaport ZX. By attaching modules to the Root ZX Module as an apex locator, the dentist can prepare canals and. Says Dr Koe Ean Ong, Laser Dentistry, Casuarina, NT: “I use the DentaPort ZX for all my endo work. It has solved a lot of my endo problems.”. The purpose of this in vivo study was to compare the accuracy of two EALs: the Dentaport ZX and the Raypex 6. Material and Methods: The study involved

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Morita Dentaport Zx Apex Locator

J Conserv Dent ; The position and topography of the apical canal constriction and apical foramen. Number of Employees 11 to 25 Zd. The file was fixed in a replaceable pattern of light-cured composite. Dentaport ZX offers 11 torque levels and 8 speed ranges, up to rpm, as well as 4 different safety functions.

An evaluation of the Raypex 5 and the Dentapory Apex Locator. In the present study, the mean distance from the major foramen to the file tip measured —0. Two operators together marked the major foramen the most coronal border of the major foramen.

This increases the safety in the critical apical area. New method for measuring the length of the root canal.

Evaluation of Dentaport ZX and Raypex 6 electronic apex locators: An in vivo study

The influence of sodium hypochlorite irrigation on the accuracy of the Root ZX electronic apex locator. Brasseler, Lemgo, Germany while being visualized using a microscope D. The action of the meter in the display corresponds exactly to the tactile sensation of using the file. Several automatic control functions ensure safe and comfortable treatment. Base module for the DentaPort system: Furthermore, the distance between the instrument and the major foramen was measured after longitudinal wear that had been performed on the apical portion of the root 14 – 171920because it reduces the number of variables involved and enables a more accurate calculation of the distance between the file and the major foramen The ability of Root ZX apex locator to reduce the frequency of overestimated radiographic working length.


DentaPort Root ZX | MORITA

The apical part of each canal was trimmed to expose the file tip. Ventaport Apical Stop The file stops automatically upon reaching a stipulated reference point.

The file starts to rotate as soon as it enters the root canal — and stops again as soon as it is removed. In our study, the file was cemented in position using a flowable light-cured composite resin. Clinical accuracy of a new apex locator with an automatic compensation circuit. High measurement precision irrespective of rinsing fluids An easy-to-use control panel Large color display for exact illustration Automatic calibration feature — even when canal conditions change!

The accuracy of the measurement is not affected by blood, sodium hypochlorite, water, local anaesthetic and even pulp. An in vitro evaluation of performance of two electronic root canal length measurement devices during retreatment of different obturating materials. The file stops and reverses when it reaches the end of the set working length thus avoiding over instrumentation and apex perforation.



After all, the safe removal of debris, improvement of dentaaport access and retention of the original canal contour are all achieved with a significantly lower expenditure of time.

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The accuracy of electronic working length determination. The purpose of this in vivo study was to compare the accuracy of two EALs: Automatic calibrationThe automatic calibration ensures accuracy and eliminates the effect of changes in temperature, moisture, etc. View Contact Call Seller Now. The study involved 36 straight single-rooted teeth. Precise comparison of the accuracy of different types of EAL in determining the WL is possible only if the same teeth are assessed by all the devices.

An ex vivo comparison of root canal length determination by three electronic apex locators at positions short of the apical foramen. With its modular design, the combination system for convenient and safe endodontics turns the device into exactly what you want whenever you need it:.

Given the absence of reports related to the accuracy of the Raypex 6, the purpose of the study reported herein was to compare the accuracy of the Dentaport ZX, the latest version of the Root ZX, and the Raypex 6 in detecting the major foramen.

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