There are 10 sefirot, linked in a complex figure that some have called the “Tree of Life sefirot As you can see from the diagram, the attributes of God are highly. Está compuesto por 10 esferas (sefirot) y 22 senderos, cada uno de los cuales representa un estado (sefirá) que acerca a la comprensión de Dios y a la manera . You searched for: diez sefirot! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. No matter what.

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Lurianic Kabbalah became the dominant Kabbalistic system, displacing Cordovero’s, and afterwards the Zohar was read in its light.

The four realms of our created existence are together called the World of Tikkun “Fixing”. Of each it says they lived and died, death connoting the soul-light of the sefirot ascending back to its source, while the body-vessel descends-shatters. The unabsorbed residue of the broken vessels in our physical, lowest World Assiah becomes the realm of Kelipot impurity. Lurianic Kabbalah applies the verse, “God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them” to this reconfigured Tikun-Yosher arrangement.

This difference can be seen in the names of these two stages of Jewish mysticism. And God said let there be Light”, the ability of the harmonised sefirot of Tikun to reveal Divinity and enact stable Creation. This forms the particular characteristic of inner light within each sefirah.

Sefirot – Wikipedia

From the destruction of this primordial realm, the World of Tohu “Chaos”is built the subsequent World of Tikun “Rectification”characterized by lower lights and stronger vessels. In Hasidic thought these inner dimensions of the sefirot are called the Powers of the Soul Hebrew: This systemised the classic concept sefirt the Partzufim as the secondary, evolved arrangements of the sefirot in Creation. In later, 16th-century Lurianic Kabbalahthey become systemised as two successive stages in the evolution of the sefirot, during the primordial cosmic evolution of Creation.


The sublime lights of Tohu withdraw into the Ein Sof, while their sefirot vessels shatter down Creation. Part of a series on. In the Zohar, Shimon bar Yochai expounds upon the spiritual roles of the partzufim, by talking about them as independent spiritual manifestations. As “the Torah speaks in the language of Man”, [10] sefirott empirical terms are necessarily imposed upon human experience in this world. The Ein Sof lit: Ratzon-unconscious seflrot “Will” soul expresses through will.

The Middle column is the balance and synthesis between these opposing tendencies. The correspondence of the sefirot with the physical organs of a human:.

Talmud Eser Sefirot

The Sefirot emanate from above to below. This metaphor for Divine interrelationships on High is arranged in the schematic relationship of a human soul, because alone amongst all Sefirpt, Adam -Man is held to encapsulate all harmonized forces, while animals and angels embody only singular instinctive drives. In a numerological sense, the tree of sefirot also has significance.

Retrieved from ” https: Lurianic Kabbalists sought to integrate this with the Cordoverian scheme, seeing both as true, but describing diiez aspects “Worlds” of the Divine process. The seeming plurality of sefitot One God is a result of the spiritual evolution of God’s light, which introduced a multiplicity of emanations from the one infinite Divine essence.

Isaac the Blind Azriel. This was necessary due to the inability of mankind to exist in God’s infinite presence. Each World is spiritual, apart from the lower aspect of the final World, which is the “Asiyah Gashmi” “Physical Asiyah”the physical Universe. The vertical line into the centre of the circle represents the path of downward emanation and constriction, from the initial first Ohr light of the “Kav” Ray in Lurianic doctrine.

Underlying sefkrot functional structure of the sefirot, each one possesses a hidden, inner spiritual motivation that inspires its activity. Secondary emotion wefirot restriction: Attached to the broken vessels are the holy residues of the former light as Nitzot – “Sparks” of holiness, sustaining Creation by the Divine flow of Will.

The cusp, or tip of the yud reaches upwards and alludes to the super-conscious root of chochmah, which resides in Keter. Lurianic Kabbalah describes enclothing processes of exile and redemption in the Divine flow, where higher levels descend into lower states, as souls to spiritual bodies.


In Hasidic philosophywhich has sought to internalise the experience of Jewish mysticism into daily inspiration devekutthis inner life of the sefirot is explored, and the role they play in man’s service of God in this world.

Some teachings describe the sefirot on the centre pillar as gender-neutral, while others say that the sefirot vary in their sexual attributions. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

As all levels of Creation are constructed around the 10 sefirot, their names in Kabbalah describe the particular role each plays in forming reality.

From Wikipedia, sefirpt free encyclopedia. It is a neutral one, a balance between the two opposing forces of male and female tendencies. In the World of Tikun sefirpt contrast, the sefirot vessels are mature, stronger and act together in harmony.

It is the superconscious intermediary between God and the other, conscious sefirot. Sephirot Kabbalah Trees in mythology Hebrew words and phrases. Because each of the sefirot act as independent forces, Isaac Luria’s attribution of the Iggulim independent “Circles” arrangement of the sefirot without cooperation, their immature vessels are weak. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Through this, the sefirot are related to the structure of the body and are reformed into sefigot personas.

Luria includes Keter in the list only in relation to the inner light of the sefirot. Primary emotion of giving: Medieval Kabbalah depicts a linear descending hierarchy of Divine vitality, the sefirot emerging from the Ein Sof to enact Creation. As for the 22 letter-paths, there must first be an explanation of the three different types of letters in Hebrew.