DIN 17182 PDF

Material- number. Standards. Properties and information on application. Designation as per DIN DIN/SEW. ASTM. Find the most up-to-date version of DIN at Engineering GS Mn 5, DIN, DIN , Steel castings with improved weldability and toughness for general use.

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Shanghai Special Metal Co.

Active Member 6 Years. Shenzhen Derui Sourcing Co. Material Cast Steels with differing chemical compositions but defined mechanical properties play a dominant role in the manufacture of slag pots.

Normalized Note regarding the material selection: Due to obvious advantages in terms of service life and maintenance cost-efficiency, cast steel has been becoming more significant in the slag pot construction over the last years versus both materials, spherical cast-iron and lamellar graphite cast-iron.


In contrast to other materials, cast steel offers excellent repair possibilities as it is well-suited to welding. Djn standard documentation ensures the full traceability of 171882 process step: Send your message to this supplier. Enter your email please.

GS Mn 5 DIN :: Total Materia

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