More than 40 years of experience in neonatal ventilation and a century of expertise in breathing technology have gone into Dräger Medical’s Babylog® gone into Dräger’s Babylog® plus. Guarantee – the Babylog plus meets the demands. the need to manually adjust a trigger sensitivity has. Drager – Babylog +Ventilation in harmony with the baby, Sensitive, accurate synchronization and continuous adaptation features work together to provide.

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Table of contents Table Of Contents Symbols And Definitions Fraction Of Inspired O fio O 2 Measurement O 2 Calibration Airway Pressure Monitoring Overpressure And Low Pressure Alarms Babylog Up Maual Software Version 3. Dynamic Stenosis Limit Babylog With Software Versions 2 And 3 Babylog Software With Version 4.

Babylog Vrager Audible Alarm Generator Monitoring Operating Voltage Monitoring maunal Rotary Potentiometer Monitoring Relay And Valve Monitoring Alarms, Cautions And Advisory Messages erager Display And Menu Function Of The Control Elements Potentiometers rotary Knobs Fraction Of Inspired O 2 o2 Vol. Inspiratory Time t I Expiratory Time t E Inspiratory Pressure Limit p Insp Description Of Pneumatic Functions Measurement Of The Ventilation Parameters Measurement Of The Airway Pressure Pneumatics Control Pcb Pneumatics Analog Pcb Patient System Heater Pressure Sensor Base Pcb O2 Amplifier Pcb Components Of The Electronic Assembly Power Supply Unit Cpu Pcb Measurement Of Analog Signals Measurement Of Digital Inputs Measurement Of Digital Outputs Front Adapter Pcb Replacing Non Repairable Items Replacing The O Sensor Capsule O 2 Sensor Calibration Schematics And Diagrams List Of Device Error Messages Spare Parts Dragwr Instructions For Use Operator’s Responsibility For Patient Safety Precautions During Preparation Precautions During Operation manusl Precautions During Care Precautions During Maintenance Theory Of Operation Table of contents Instructions For Use Table Of Contents manuql Layout Of The Front Panel Layout Of The Screen Inserting The Expiration Valve Inserting The O 2 Sensor Connecting The Gas Supply Connecting The Electrical Supply Breathing Gas Humidifier Connecting The Ventilation Hoses Installing The Bacterial Filter optional For High-frequency Ventilation hfv Calibrating The O 2 Sensor Manually Calibrating The Flow Sensor Checking The Unit Putting Into Erager Set Peep To Overview Of The Ventilation Modes Setting The Trigger Volume trigger Sensitivity Ventilating With Pressure Plateau Ventilation Without A Dragef Plateau Cpap With Nasopharyngeal Tube Volume Guarantee Vg optional High-frequency Ventilation Hfv optional High-frequency Ventilation With Imv Separate Expiratory Flow Vive Setting Alarm Limits Baylog Inspiration Manually Nebulizing Medicaments optional Before Medicament Nebulizing Pneumatic Medicament Nebulizer 84 11 When Using With An Incubator When Using Without An Incubator Active Medicament Nebulizer “aeroneb Pro” mp 01 Displaying Curves And Measured Values Airway Pressure Curve Paw Displaying The Flow Curve Displaying Measured Pressure Values Displaying Lung Values Displaying Measured Volume Values Combinations Of Measured Values Displaying All Settings Displaying All Measured Values Reading The Log Setting Time And Date Adjusting The Screen Contrast Selecting The Display Text Language