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Only by freezing both displays on a single frame and comparing will differences sometimes be visible, and then it will greatly depend on the quality of encoding on the BD disc and how the movie was shot to begin with, the condition of the film stock when transferred, and if the film is new or sml Obviously Leonard is a die hard p videophile.

However, despite all of the enthusiasm surrounding the p format, for many buyers on a budget the ideal solution is still the p projector. However, most folks are not driven to dd video perfection at any cost like the videophiles are. It will play p content via it’s HDMI input.

Both are primarily p devices that will likely continue to output in p or less as the games use more of the systems processing for visual effects. Posted Sep 23, 7: It won’t up-convert from SD for some silly reason, will it?

ÇözümPark – windows adc ile ilgili sorular

I have seen other postings were they say that if the movie comes with support for all resolutions then it will display correctly, however I am not sure about this. Your email address is necessary for you to activate your comment once it has been submitted. And as such, the price of p displays will again come down. It’s used 71 times in the core. Posted Apr 23, Subscribe to Receive Articles.


Eurosport 1 – LyngSat

Having said all that Posted Sep 11, 7: Posted Mar 11, 2: The unstoppable movement in video content is to P. So the question a lot of people are asking is this Some diehard people are saying a good P projector is better than an entry-level P projector–that is just a mythP technology is over and done with and has been for 3 years. However, p is not the only game in town.

Technically, there is a difference between the two, the question is “can the average viewer with average HD content availability utilize p to the extent that it is worth two to three times as much as a very good p setup?

If you have a good p projector you can get much better bang for you home theater buck investing in other parts of your system. Now if you want to display your computer image at p, then the resolution will be x So in my opinion p offers better sharpness which means a slightly clearer picture.

This is what bugs me about Joomla! For those who want the absolute best and most pristine picture quality, p is the way to go. Posted Aug 14, 9: If the only zjl between P and P was resolution this article would have merit however the manufacturers will not be putting out P projectors with to 1 contrast ratio anytime soon and probably never.


An entry-level LCD p unit can be zorular visually by higher-end p DLP units that are often priced less to begin with. The only difference is that one has more pixels than the other which means a sharper image. Posted Sep 19, 6: Posted Feb 9, So if you are a true videophile who wants the very best picture possible, it is time to think seriously about the new p models on the market.

Get off those as soon as you can, maybe after support for 1. Al Warren This ain’t my first rodeo.

1080p vs. 720p — Which should you buy?

Likewise, a p signal has pixels of horizontal sorklar vertical scan lines and pixels of vertical resolution horizontal scan linesso if you convert from p to i, you actually gain horizontal resolution, is this correct? That makes good sense because, practically speaking, there are many thousands of DVDs available, and not so many Blu-ray discs. The only valid reason to go P is to save money in the short term. A huge amount of deprecated code has been removed I’m certain more’s to follow but the biggest chunk should be done also the separation of platform and CMS may bring some minor issues with it like changed file locations for starters.

Not sure when that happened.