Get Dymo LabelPoint LP LabelPoint User’s Guide. Get all Dymo manuals!. Label Maker DYMO LabelPoint different pdf manuals and documents on this page. User manual for the device Dymo LabelPoint LP Online user manual database.

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Home Brands Categories Search. If you are looking for the instruction manual: Dymo LabelPoint LP – you have come to the right place. On this page you can download it for free.

SOLVED: Labelpoint How to change font size – Fixya

For details about manual, see the info below. The file is available in a few seconds as the connection speed of your internet. We believe that our webpage help you and we will be glad if you visit us in the future. PDF Click to preview. Is this manual helpful? Please click us here: Labels are back slit for easy removal from the backing tape. Text can be printed horizontally or vertically in a variety of sizes and styles and can be left-justified, rightjustified or centered on the label.

Visit our website www. Before we go on to explore the many lahelpoint features of the LP, follow these simple steps to create your first label: Close the lid, then press to switch the power on. The display should look like this: Inserting the adaptor plug disconnects the supply from the batteries. If necessary, turn spool B clockwise to tighten ribbon.

A notch in the cassette will fit over the switch when it is set correctly. Ensure labelpoont and ribbon are positioned correctly. Use the keyboard to type in your full name. Each character you enter will appear on the display, for example: If you make a mistake, press DEL to delete the error, then type in the correction.


When you have finished, press. A label will be printed and will emerge from the slot in the 2000 right hand side of the machine. Wait until the mechanism has stopped, then press the cutter lever E to cut off the label and remove it from the machine.

You should now have a high quality printed name label — don’t waste it! If this is your personal machine, why not affix the label to the underside to manua, its owner? You have just found the first of many uses for your DYMO labels.

The last label created will be retained and displayed the next time the unit is turned on. Any stored label and settings will lsbelpoint be retained. If the batteries are removed for more than a few seconds, all text and settings will be lost. When power is restored, the display will show a flashing cursor no text and the settings will be full height standard width lablepoint with all other settings off. On labels with 2 lines, the message will be previewed as a single line message.

Small height is available on symo labels. Also use to exit or clear certain function manhal operations. In “B” mode, all text will be printed as capitals without accents.

On 2-line labels, press JUST to select left-justified, rightjustified or centered text, as shown in the display. Either press to select the option confirmed by the or — indicator displayedor DEL to exit.

The label length function displays the last used fixed label length, labelpoibt Vertical text is not available on 2-line labels. This is a two line label in the display will be printed as: Either cancel the fixed length see to increase aboveor press LTH twice and use the length; the label is now long enough and can be printed.

To print the desired quantity press.

Cleaning, Troubleshooting – Dymo LabelPoint 200 User Manual

A row of vertical dots will print between each label as a cutting guide. Press then the display llabelpoint automatically move up a digit to the next number. Press then to continue the sequence. Press 1, 2, 3 Now press then. Z Use or to select italic, outline or mirrored text, then press to confirm. The indicator for the selected style will light in the display.


The display will show the previously selected tax rate, eg: The number of lines which can be created in each page will depend on the label width. To add a diacritical to an existing character, use or to mabual the cursor under the character to the dyjo of the character to be changed, then press the appropriate diacritical key.

The display will show the last used symbol character, for example: Each letter selects a line of symbol characters, numbered 1 to 6, as shown in the table on page 2. Upon power-up, these will be restored and displayed. Removal of the batteries for more than a few seconds may cause this information to be lost. The first occurence of a commaor a full stop.

Alternatively, use or to step through the rows A to Z, then use or to move the cursor under the symbol required.

Press to place the symbol llabelpoint the label. This function enables you to adjust the print quality under extreme temperature conditions. Press and hold down cutter lever E to expose cutter blade D, then use a cotton bud and alcohol to clean both sides of the blade. Release cutter lever E. To change the contrast setting via the keyboard, read and follow the manuao as described in the paragraph “Print Contrast”.

Press any key to return to normal display. Open the cassette compartment and free the jam.