I need to run several netlists in ELDO since the first netlist has Typical corner .inc netlist_tt) i need to change it for the second run for .inc. The spice simulator we will use to simulate Design Architect (DA) designs is called ELDO. ELDO is invoked by typing eldo, where filename is the file. pole approximation (DPA) to enhance simulation speed. An alternative built-in SPICE solver. Device model libraries fully compatible with Eldo and HSPICE.

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Dec 242: The TT specifies the typical case parameters for the library file. Here is error message from spectre log window: The x is a number that depends on the spife and width of the transistor and can be found in the 1.

Performance Eldo Premier offers a 2. The Spice homologue of Eldo trunc is int. Pavel Senior Member Offline Posts: Turn on power triac – proposed circuit analysis 0. Reply 4 – May 8 th, 5: Add an input waveform: Boost Productivity Eldo Premier offers an average speed-up of 2. With Eldo Premier superior performance and 10x the capacity of traditional SPICE simulators, designers are able to perform many complex verification tasks corner simulations, temperature sweeps, verify power supply and process corners, etc.

If at first you do succeed, STOP, raise your standards, and stop wasting your time. PNP transistor not working 2.

Spice Eldo Aternating netlist and include files

So where is the problem? The time now is Andrew, First, thank you for rapid answer. Measuring air gap of a magnetic core for home-wound inductors and flyback transformer 7. Select View, Zoom, Mouse to use the mouse to zoom in on an area of interest on the graph. So, it should be the way to use them? Spice Eldo Edo netlist and include files. When I try replace trunc by intparser gives an error. Critically important simulations that historically took a very long time to run, many times days or even weeks, can now be performed significantly faster from 2.


I searched for level 60 in Spectre Reference manual, but without success.

Eldo Premier offers an average speed-up of 2. Reply 14 – May 14 th, 6: Pavel, For the most part, they should work as is. In instruction twelve 12the model property should be changed to pch. AvendesoraInform and QuantiPhy.

The Page Composition menu option can be used to plot all of the signals on a single graph. The pwl defines a piecewise linear function, spicee the pulse defines a pulsed function. Please Login or Register.

This command does NOT seem to be supported with Eldo version 5. If I properly undestand you, the contents of this file is compiled models. Eldl command line arguments can be found by typing eldo without specifying a filename. CMOS Technology file 1. Then I tried to generate netlist for small test schema please, see on the picture.

Analog/Mixed-Signal Verification

Reply 10 – May 9 th, 4: I know every simulator adds a few special flags, but it should be just a few. The first number specifies the step size for the simulator to use and the second number is the end time of the simulation. I didn’t really understand what is the contents of this file. Geoffrey, I don’t use leading “.


This will plot the voltage at nodes in and out from your design. This can significantly improve the confidence in the design or IP before tapeout, with the goal of eliminating silicon re-spins, and improving manufacturing yield. Synthesized tuning, Part 2: Just make sure that the file does not have a “. When using Spectre parser I, of course, suppress the point.

Analog/Mixed-Signal Verification | InnoFour BV

Reply 2 – May 7 th, 7: Dramatically Improve Design Team Productivity Boosting performance over standard analog simulation can help in two ways. Add this line somewhere near the top of the file: Spice Eldo Aternating netlist and include files Hi Dino Could you show the output log, to try to understand the error you get?

Reply 3 – May 7 th, 8: EZwave is extremely efficient for the manipulation of huge databases and can load gigabytes of data in seconds. To run Splce, type esim. For Spectre such syntax is uncomprehesible. Reply 12 – May 14 th, 5: