This lubricant used in accordance with our recommendations and for the application for which it is intended does not represent a special hazard. A safety data. 5W A brand of. Top performance motor oil using ELF fully synthetic technology, intended for lubricating gasoline passenger car engines. Most recent . 5W ELF engine oil available with all manufacturer approvals, all classifications. We offer you a large choice of Motor oil in different packaging volumes.

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Elf Excellium SM 5W Submit a Review Report Error Share. Distributor for this product? Contact us to claim this product listing. Lubricant based upon ELF synthetic technology for Gasoline and Diesel engines in cars, particularly recommended for use in the most severe elr conditions.

EVOLUTION 5W | Corporate Website ELF – Anglais

Recommended for all petrol engines multi-valve and turbo types, with or without catalytic converter and all diesel engines, turbo-charged or naturally aspirated in cars and light vans. Related Item for Sale. Recommended for you of Can self hand-polishing remove dirt streaks?


We update you with latest information on new car prices from both parallel importers and car authorised dealers with brands such as ToyotaHondaNissanVolkswagenMitsubishiBMWMazda and Hyundai.

We are also your information hub for parkingroad taxcar insurance and calculating the cost of your car loan. A premium fully synthetic engine oil with special protective additives for ultimate level of engine protection that exceeds US and Dlf industry standards.


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