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For example, when connecting a robot responsible for removing workpieces, the Euromap Standard 67 stipulates a Han 50 D interface. Han® D and DD. Approved by, date: EUROMAP EUROMAP 12/SPI. Lab/Office: TITLE PAGE. Title page/cover sheet. Status: Document no. 3HAC With an E67 (old E12) interface you can be extremely versatile in your use of handling equipment. Function description: Connection of an external handling.

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EUROMAP 67 (12) Signal interface

Is it possible to connect the external supply in a manner that can be turn on and off with the same power switch on the pendant? Ejector Back Position E67 in: Just plug it in and go. ehromap

Removes danger to personnel Even cycle times Good – Bad signals from process control panel. Emergency Stop Machine E67 in: Robot Emergency Stopped E67 in: Therefore the robot will display an error messages if this occur — and the runner has eurompa be manually removed by operator.

EUROMAP 12/67 Integration | Actyx

If the item is placed correct then the robot will go out euroamp the mould area and when it is safely outside then it will send a start signal to the IMM which cause the IMM to close the door and start the mould cycle — at the same time the robot will move to the place position on the table and release the processed item.


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Yes it can receive the various signals from IMM as per E67 standard. Upgrading of your injection moulding machine to adapt to your technical requirements.

Print page Twitter Facebook LinkedIn. While the Zacobria Pte. IMM inteface electrical diagram robot outputs. Not without making some modifications which I have no experience for.

Euromao is an excerpt of the possible function extensions. And then a new robot cycle starts. Core Pullers 1 in Pos 1 E67 in: During this process the robot check several things. This provides a versatile and simple way for leveraging your asset data within Actyx solutions.

Find out more in our privacy policy. Company Management Who is Sumitomo? Euromap 67 Interface from Universal-Robots. Mould Closed E67 in: Our website uses cookies, that provide necessary site functionality. Maybe consider to change the interface on the IMM to Euromap IMM inteface electrical diagram robot inputs.

Real-time data exchange Be confident in your people and your applications, knowing that they are working with up-to-date, accurate real-time data.

The exchange of electrical signals between the robot and the machine takes place in both directions. Instead the robot will go out and place the processed item on the table and pick a new item to be loaded and try again.


Any and all such liability is disclaimed. This reduces the investment costs.

Connecting robots and other handling devices via standardised interfaces Supporting the modular plant design Flexibility for new requirements Reduction of investment costs. If you need specific advice for example, medical, legal, financial or risk managementplease seek a professional who is licensed or knowledgeable in that area.

Rest easy, knowing that the performance, reliability and security of your integration is continuously being monitored.

Injection Moulding Machine Tending

Advantages of automatic removal of injection moulding parts Removes danger to personnel Even cycle times Good – Bad signals from process control panel Function extension: Interface for monitoring insert parts and side cores FP 3: Euromap interface for versatile injection moulding machines. Request a live demo. With an E67 old E12 interface you can be extremely versatile in your use of handling equipment Function description: Core Pullers 2 in Pos 2 E67 in: Moulding Machine 24V Present E67 in: