Fluid couplings for Thermal and Nuclear Power Generation,Steel and Metal,Coal Lignite and Ore Constant Fill/Fixed Speed Coupling: Type SM/SMD/SM-DX. The Fluidomat has a proven track record in fluid coupling technology since with practical experience from the most diverse areas of application for drive. FLUIDOMAT -SC is a variable speed fluid coupling providing stepless speed varying the oil filling in coupling through a sliding scoop tube when in operation.

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FNCT Fluid Couplings working on principle of hydrodynamic power transmission with fill control are ideal as startup and acceleration control equipment’s for large drive motors. Combined with electronic control they provide additional safety to drive motors and torque transmission control.

A fixed position Scoop Tube is provided to continuously collect the oil released by leak off nozzle from working circuit. The Impeller and Rotor are connected by shafts for onwards connection to motor and driven machine shaft through suitable flexible couplings. The shafts rest on ball couplong roller bearings on suitable bearing housings.

The whole coulping assembly is housed in a robustly built stationary self supported housing of welded construction. A motor driven oil pump is provided to circulate working oil through the oil circuit of FNCT Coupling. A lube line branching out from pump outlet continuously feeds oil to bearings irrespective of oil level in working circuit. The leak off nozzle continuously drains oil from working couplin into the secondary casing from where it is collected by the fixed position scoop tube.

  BS EN 13001-2 PDF

This oil passes through an oil cooler and gets re-circulated into the working circuit of fluid coupling achieved by solenoid valve operation without flowing back into oil tank or flows back into oil tank for declutching or acceleration control. The torque transmitted by the coupling depends on oil level in the working circuit and thus the torque transmission during starting or running can be controlled resulting into several advantages.

For declutching of coupling at any time during operation the complete circuit can be emptied by operation of solenoid valves. During machine acceleration control the oil level in working circuit can continuously be adjusted i.

The FNCT couplings can be used in variety of applications as a startup duty and controlled and smooth acceleration of heavy masses and inertia.

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A lube line branching out from pump outlet continuously feeds oil to bearings irrespective of oil level in working circuit FNCT Operation: Wear free power transmission by virtue of circulation of scolp. Smooth and controlled startup and acceleration control of driven machine.

The acceleration time can run up to several minutes.

Gradual and shock free buildup of breakaway torque. Clutching and declutching of driven machine with motor running. Flexibility of operation with electronic control.

Suitable for multi drives in conveyor with load sharing and sequential startup. The empty belt can be moved at low speeds for inspection and adjustment. Cooling of oil in coupling achievable when coupling in standstill condition.

Variable Speed Coupling Type SC | Fluid coupling | Constant speed | Constant fill

Suitable for adaptation of various types of flexible couplings. Robust design and construction with trouble free operation in dusty, hot and humid ambient conditions. Simple design, easy to operate and low maintenance.