Buy the Frymaster MJ35 (PMJSC NG) Commercial Gas Fryer at KaTom. Low Prices Now on thousands of restaurant supplies. 3 decades strong. The MJ35 gas fryers are unsurpassed in their versatility, controlled The MJ35 fryers offer options that See Frymaster domestic price list for other available. Frymaster, a member of the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association, . Replacing the Operating Thermostat in Standard MJ35 Fryers.

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The MJ35 has a minimum 15 liter and maximum 20 liter oil capacity. The frying area is x mm. The exclusive 1o action thermostat anticipates rapid rate of temperature rise, reducing temperature overshoot, extending shortening life and producing a more uniformly- cooked product.

Frymate Deep Fryer Filter for Frymaster MJ35

Centerline thermostat mounting permits quick sensing seconds of cold food placed in either basket. Unique Master Jet burners have no burner tube radiants to burn out. No burner cleaning or air shutter adjustment is required.


Gas inlet size I. Check plumbing codes for proper supply line sizing to attain burner manifold pressure of 3.

Specifically designed for high production of chicken, fish and other breaded products The MJCF has a. The MJ45 has a minimum 20 liters and maximum 25 liters shortening capacity.

Frymaster – Product

The frying area is x. Shipping We ship Aust Wide for all our Products. Frymastsr or Small Large orders or small orders were here to help. Add to Wish List.

Frymaster Pro Fryer – MJ35 – 20ltr. The frying area is x m.

Frymaster Gas Fryer Pro Series. The frying area is. Enquiry Form Enter name. Add to Wish List Compare this Product.