Il saggiatore (The assayer) by Galileo Galilei (–) is the final and most significant work in the polemic regarding the characteristics of. This is Galileo’s argument from “The Assayer,” which I encountered in both my history survey of modern philosophy and in metaphysics. Galileo. Galileo Galilei; Il Saggiatore (The Assayer); Rome, This quietly polemical text puts the case for a pared-down scientific conception of matter and a.

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Guiducci introduces a refraction not of the sun’s rays, but of the comet’s image, and not in the material of the comet but in the vaporous sphere which surrounds the earth.

And who knows; perhaps in Sarsi’s eyes the pettiness of the theft does not render me more blameworthy than I would be if I had bravely applied myself to greater [p. There must be motion. Now Your Excellency may decide whether the brilliance of a comet belongs among things which dazzle the vision, or rhe those so feeble as not to offend the eyes; then you may judge whether a mirrorlike surface is required for its production or whether one much less smooth will suffice. Galileo proceeds by explaining the senses and their relation to elements.

Here Sarsi objects, saying, “If testing with the balance is insufficient to reveal so small a consumption, how will you have it shown? galioei

In order to explain a point that is asdayer the utmost importance, [p. The difficulty of comprehending bow the cicada forms its song even when we have it singing to us right in our hands ought to be more than enough to excuse us for not knowing how comets are formed at such immense distances.

When they are experienced, they sometimes recognize that a wind will approach before long from a certain direction, and they say that a sure sign of this is to see the air brighter in that direction than it would normally be. Also I think that just as he has permitted asssyer incognito to say some things that he might perhaps repress to my face, so it ought not to be taken amiss if I, availing thd of the privilege accorded against masqueraders, shall deal with him quite frankly.

Of this I shall say more some other time Now to add what I can to so astounding a venture, I shall set forth some trifling questions which arose in me as Sarsi proceeded. It is written in the language of mathematics, and its asswyer are triangles, circles, and other geometrical figures, without which it is humanly impossible to understand a single word of it; without these, one is wandering around in a dark labyrinth.

If you rub across this again, the ray will be led off in another direction. Guiducci, in his discussion of the telescope, is said either to have included an effect which does not exist or to have left out one asssayer should be given. If it is like our flames, then you might have made us look at stars through our gaoilei and left out firebrands, candlesnuffs, and such things.


The Assayer | work by Galileo |

assager But even in conclusions which can be known only by reasoning, I say that the testimony of many has little more value than that of few, since the number of people who reason well in complicated matters is much smaller than that of those who reason badly. But the last-named does not alter visible objects in any way, either by enlarging or reducing them; the concave diminishes them; and the convex, though it does enlarge them, shows them indistinctly galilwi confusedly.

Nor is that all, Sarsi. Did it never enter your head to tell us to try looking at stars?

Along comes Mayr, and, appropriating my very observations, he prints on the title page of his book as well as in the opening pages assayed he had made his observations in the year 16og. How greatly it was esteemed by him, and with what admiration it was received, is testified by ducal letters still in my possession.

The device needs either a single glass or more than one. Immediately afterward I applied myself to the construction of another and better one, which six days later I took to Venice, where it was seen with great admiration by nearly all the principal gentlemen men of that republic for more than a month on end, to my considerable fatigue.

Now, since the comet was enlarged little more than Mercury and much less than the moon he saysit might be very reasonably concluded that it ga,ilei not much farther from assayed sun than Mercury is, and very much closer to the sun than to the moon. My lord the Grand Duke Cosimo II, of glorious memory, once ordered me to write down my assaye about the causes of things floating or sinking in water, and in order to comply with that command I put on paper everything I could think of beyond the teachings of Archimedes, which perhaps is as much as may truly be said on this subject.

He said, “The telescope renders stars visible either by enlarging their images or by illuminating them,” whereas Sarsi will gallilei it that he should have said, “by enlarging them or by uniting the images and the rays.

Some, merely to galileei what I had said, did not scruple to cast doubt upon things they had seen with their own eyes again and again.

We meant only to address those men, ancient or modem, who try in all their [p. The Assayer is a milestone in the history of science: Next I concede to him that this comes about from the very nature of the instrument, which must be made longer for observing nearby objects and shorter for those that are more distant.


Is it possible that Sarsi has never observed the coolness produced on his face by the continual change of air when he is riding post? At first he used his discovery in support of Copernicus. Hence if the living creature were removed, all these qualities would be wiped away and annihilated.

The Assayer – Wikipedia

Once upon a time, in a very lonely place, there lived a man endowed by nature with extraordinary curiosity and a very penetrating mind. Hence I think that tastes, odors, colors, and so on are no more than mere names so far as the object in which we place them is concerned, and that they reside only in he consciousness. I answer no, and the archer’s bow is broken and the shooting of syllogisms assayre over.

At the aassayer of this argument Sarsi says that a telescope which is now long and now short may be called “the same instrument, but differently applied. The title page of The Assayer shows the crest of the Barberini familyfeaturing three busy bees. From such waves, as from many mirrors extending over a wide area, would result a much brighter reflection falilei the sunlight than would occur if the sea were calm.

Works of Galileo Galilei, Part 3, Volume 15, Astronomy: The Assayer

They sound different tones because they are of different lengths; and as to the material, this plays no part whatever in the formation of the sound. Who could galildi between the moon seen in daylight and a cloud touched by the sun, were it not for differences of shape and size?

But on the other hand one may make now a larger and galilfi a smaller tube with the same quantity of material, say the same five pounds of lead, and form different notes from it. But I shall no longer hold my peace about one of the latter, who has too boldly tried once more to do the very same thing he did many years ago when he appropriated the invention of my geometric compass, after I had shown it to and discussed it with many gentlemen [p.

Immediately the entire press was filled with attacks against my Discourse.

In our case the reverse is true, for the use of a telescope is always the same, being invariably applied to looking at things, whereas the instrument is varied in an essential respect by altering the interval between its lenses. It is this that Guiducci rejected when he quite rightly said that nature takes no delight in poetry.