Gematria has 9 ratings and 1 review. Claudio said: Qué agradable es leer este tratado de Crowley sobre todo recordando que la mayor parte de sus traba. Image: This article needs more information within the context of Thelema (i.e. Aleister Crowley. Gematria is a Kabalistic technique for taking the letters of Hebrew (and later Aleister Crowley first published a study like this with his book.

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Gematria by Aleister Crowley.

Since there are twenty-two letters in the Hebrew alphabet aleph-betha correspondence is possible between these crowleg facts.

This is something that simply cannot be done in a book format, but can be done electronically.

Alternatively, you could transliterate from English using the chart above. It consists of roughly columns, with each row corresponding to a specific Sephirah or path on the Tree of Life for a total of 35 rows and is used for a quick reference for corresponding mnemonics and factors of religion for use in magic for instance, an evocation of Gematra would have one looking across that column aldister the colour corresponding to Venus that will be the gemayria of his or her robe, and then Venusian incense, etc.


Add a Comment Name required, use real name. Peter Ek marked it as to-read Jul 08, Carter McLellan marked it as to-read Jun 06, Email required, will not be published. And how do you figure out words in English that total your number?

Paperback0 pages. Christie marked it as to-read Dec 08, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. However, magicians usually prefer something far more specialized. Books by Aleister Crowley. Alex M marked it as to-read Feb 02, This system is elaborated in many mystical Jewish writings such as the Zohar. Just a moment while we sign you in gmeatria your Goodreads account.

Gematria by Aleister Crowley

The horizontal columns have many categories pertinent to religion, mythology and magick given in some parts each. Franz Mortephile rated it it was amazing Aug 23, The commonest form of gematria is used occasionally in the Talmud and Midrash and elaborately by many post-Talmudic commentators.

Table of contents 1 Judaic Gematria. The main studies are the ten “Sephiroth” or “Emanations” of the godhead. You can help Thelemapedia by adding to it http: This includes smaller tables that extrapolate correspondences of the five elements, twelve zodiacal signs and seven planets only.

ThelemaHermetic Qabalah.

aleister crowley value in Gematria Calculator

Refresh and try again. The modern golden dawn system put a strange new spin on the Jewish version of the Kabbalah. The title means ” Book of Emanations ” and is also indexed as Liber Gematria From Thelemapedia Categories: AMY Amy is the acquisitions editor in charge paranormal subjects at Llewellyn.


Open Preview Gematriq a Problem?

Using our 13 example, he gives fourteen words with a gematria value of Published September 28th by Humanitas first published September Return to Book Page. A large Aleph is counteda large Bethetc. Buffalo Roy rated it it was ok Oct 22, This page was last modified He gained much notoriety during his lifetime, and was infamously dubbed “The Wickedest Man in the World.

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In any case, this has no importance in Gematria, except that it must be noted that any given word may have many different meanings, according as it is pronounced.