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GMW › Complete Document History General Specification for Electrical/ Electronic Components and Subsystems, Electromagnetic Compatibility Global. GMW, GMW and GMW (All three documents of specifications that apply to GMW EMC test The GMW EMC Test Plan (Appendix B). These requirements have “gone global” in the form of GM Worldwide (GMW) EMC .. GMW – Validation Acceptance Process (EMC Control Plan).

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Provisions for overvoltage, load dump event 31103 reverse voltage protection should be located on battery 12 V input. Provide for adding series ? In a design review the supplier shall demonstrate and give technical rationale for the following: Fluid systems and components for general use Use SMD components with very short traces to the? Provisions for all 4 corners are acceptable, then determining best configuration during testing. Log In 3130 Up. List all individual pins, case discharge locations, discharge type, simulator voltages, discharge network type and a description of the pin signal.

If using device with an 8 MHz clock or higher, use at least 4 layers. Those figures are 310, by nature, and cannot show the details required by a DUT-specific Test Plan. Waveform should be as sinusoidal as possible. Typical values are 1 nF to 10 nF.

All test reports shall include the following elements in addition to the report elements specified in each section: All connections to power and ground planes have to be very short runs – Pin To Plane with low inductance paths unless 313 tester is current starving the IC, refer to B2. Include lines or pinswhich are to be injected to during this test in Table A6. P on all traces leading to test connectors, to facilitate removal after product development is complete, reducing the radiated emissions risk.


Domestic and commercial equipment. Provide graphical picture showing discharge locations.

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It has been found that sneak currents will reduce the effectiveness of the single VCC current starving device. Any DUT monitoring equipment located outside test chambers and its connection through chamber walls.

Internal unique test report number. Rubber and gma industries Glass and ceramics industries Begin with 22 pF to 47 pF capacitors, increase until sinusoidal waveform is achieved. Denotes preferences when specifying alternatives or desired conformance with objectives, standards, etc.

GMW 3103:2015

The term carryover means that the product qualified for a prior program and is exactly the same product being used for the future program. Photographs with sufficient clarity to enable compliance with the test plan to be verified.

Materials handling equipment Keep high speed lines within inner layers, placed between power and ground planes if possible.

Brief family description of DUT s.

These ground “islands” need to be tied to the ground plane with multiple vias or many short, thick low inductance traces connecting them all together. Packaging and distribution of goods HS or Digital traces or reset lines should be kept 2.

Direct monitoring using attachments leads to external monitoring devices shall not be included. The simulators shall be in non-metallic housings and isolated from the ground plane.

Care must be taken to ensure functionality, such as oscillator startup. Specify how bus is to be active during discharging.

Keep provisions for connections at all 4 corners if possible.

Design Analysis and Performance. The hardware engineer should consult with the software team in selecting the best possible value for the gm cycle time. In the event of conflict between the English and domestic language, the English language shall take precedence. List all DUT test modes and the input names used in them.


If using a 2 layer board, fill all open space with ground plane or grid with many vias. If an internally slew rate controlled?

Each page of the test report must be clearly labeled as a validation report Design Validation or Product Validation or as a development report Development Only gm Not for Sign Off. Recommend lowest frequency possible to protect 31033 modulation AM band from switching harmonics. Supplier must provide all specialized equipment used for monitoring functionality.

Always provide test data to support claims that any of these recommendations will have negative results on product performance. A detailed schematic of all power and ground connections used within the gw. This information is taken directly from GMW for those items relevant to the lab.

PCB to Case connections may need to be made only near the vehicle interface connector, not at all 4 corners.

Populate around vias at the pad that is to be referenced to ground, no long paths or traces. The bypass capacitor shall be connected directly to the ground plane through the fmw impedance path. Bonding of the transient generator to the ground plane. Propose solutions to problems and appropriate revalidation. Individual with release authority over the product.