Tips about rules of play for Renju help you think about Gomoku play. http:// tac-. In József Beck’s book Combinatorial Games: Tic-Tac-Toe Theory, he states the following open problems (“unrestricted 5 -in a row” is Gomoku. For gomoku, winning strategy has been already found. See this paper: L. Victor Allis, H. J. van den Herik, M. P. H. Huntjens. Go-Moku and Threat-Space Search.

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Winning strategy for GoMoku?

Gomoku Strategy and Tips –

All things asdf and anything else. Basically strstegy is like tic tac toe except you have to get five in a row instead of three. The problem is, except for a few times, the Kindle beats me in a super clever way. Obviously it is some sort of chess like algorithm where the Kindle checks a bunch of possibilities and chooses the best one.


Strayegy, it also makes intentional mistakes because it would probably be impossible to beat otherwise. So, being the hacker that I am, I soon figure out a certain combination of moves that leads the Kindle to intentionally make a mistake and me to win every time I do it.

But my question is: This was such a random question I could not think of anywhere else to post it. If you are noting this note, then please note that there is nothing to note.

The best strategy is to put enough X’s into a row to win the game. The only reasonable amount of Nutella is infinity. Everything else is too little.

Put enough X’s in a row to win the game. Player 2 never wins.

Awesome Site, Delivering Fun. Conspiracy theories are weak.

Gomoku – Wikipedia

Although I will say I really, really, really hope that in the last episode of Breaking BadWalt goes into the witness protection program, and that’s the start of Malcolm in the Middle.


It’s a very well made show. Anyways if you get a chance to check it gomok definitely do.

Maybe when baby’s here, then we can have all sorts of kiddy cartoons on demand.