The critically acclaimed debut album from the genre-defying Connecticut duo, which music critic Piero Scaruffi describes as “an unlikely hybrid of My Bloody. An interview with Dan Barrett and Tim Macuga on the construction and writing process of ‘Deathconsciousness.’. Have a Nice Life’s masterpiece Deathconsciousness is a grimy, heavy, and hopeless album, and might just be the most accurate musical.

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Jean-Paul Marat was a French political theorist, physician, and radical journalist who gained prominence during the French Revolution. A debilitating skin condition forced him to spend a fair amount of time in a medicinal bath. Unfortunately for Marat, he was murdered in his tub on July 13, by his political enemy Ceathconsciousness Corday. She stayed with the body until authorities arrived and was executed on the seventeenth. Despite what the presentation might suggest, Deathconsciousnesw A Nice Life was never meant to be a thing.

The duo never even bothered to burn it to more than CD-Rs. Few publications approached the record with receptive ears, save for the universal love it received from those that actually covered it. These outlets that cared were mostly small and probably now defunct blogs.

Name-brand outlets eventually caught on. For a lot of people, this was a big deal. Not necessarily because of the score or the review itself. Is anything here really that mysterious? Deathconsciousness is only the result of two guys making music for an audience of pretty much just themselves.


Deathconsciousness – Wikipedia

Go talk to Barrett and Macuga. A simple answer is: These tracks were meticulously crafted through layers upon layers of thick guitar, bass, and hazy, barely-there vocals.

The band meant to present their creation in a much more attractive package, but the masters were lost late in the recording process.

Masters that had been cobbled together and loved over the course of five years, mind you. This bleakness on display often resembles a vacuum in which no light escapes. Yet, Have A Nice Life managed to pull off being a dark and affecting listen without being a total bummer. After ten years of floating around the internet, it appears the duo found their audience in the artier sections of metal.

Deathconsciousness | The Flenser

Both of which are currently signed to The Flenser. What I keep coming back to is how amateur this whole album is. Now go do a deep dive into Bandcamp. I would hate for you to show up late to the next unheralded masterstroke. Nice write up dude. This is my lfe spin. Some of my favorite artists namecheck these guys often, as you well know. Now is the time!


Yeah get on this. Will show my complete lack of cool credentials by admitting I only stumbled across these guys a couple of years back. You always seem to find a way to cut to the simple heart of the matter in your think pieces, in this case the fact this record is almost amateur, like some strange outsider piece of art.

Thoughts on The Unnatural World? This is actually post punk Daniel Johnston. And yep agreed on Soundtracks For the Blind.

I like The Unnatural World but not as much as this one. To me this one feels like throwing everything at the board and waiting for something to stick.

Looking Back: Have A Nice Life’s Deathconsciousness at 10

Log into your account. The Best Albums ofaccording to Saul Wright. Our Favorite Albums of the Year. Selections From Saul Vol. Better get to know it before we have to take your admin badge away. Haha sounds like a frustrating listen. Glad you like it. Lots of different flavors going on here.