There are registered tanneries in Bangladesh, and around percent are located at Hazaribagh on about 25 hectares of land. Most of these use old. An investigation was made at Hazaribagh Tannery area, comprising about industries of pollution to the soils by the heavy metals and to investigate the. Hazaribagh lies on the banks of the Buriganga (The Old Ganges). The river of the leather tanneries to a new location in Savar with modern treatment facilities.

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I am so impressed that you took pollutoin time to explore this issue and to try to bring it to public attention. The minister came up with the claim at a road march programme starting from Bahadur Shah Park to Sadarghat on Saturday haazribagh mark the World Rivers Day which is set to be observed on Sunday.

So transportation cost can be minimized. Daniel, The article and photo essay are excellent. Save Life and Nature.

Two new Bangabandhu family members to contest general polls. This development will not happen alone and similarly as even for modern car you need driving licence also to operate tannery in 21st centaury you need to have up to date technology but mainly capable and well trained managers, technicians and operators. Tanner is hoped that also UNIDO s effort will contribute to the goal to provide working opportunities in modern leather industrial park.

The unusual case of Mainul Hosein.

Nine fourth generation banks continue to bleed. Leather industry provides directly and indirectly approximately 45, jobs.

‘Removal of Hazaribagh tannery cut Buriganga pollution by 40%’

The tanneries evacuate 22, cubic meters of untreated liquid toxic waste daily into the Buriganga. Quality and clean sustainable production is no longer a choise but a strategy requirement for pkllution survival for the leather manufacturers. A good number of participants joined the programme. Mercury content dangerously high in skin lightening products.


Do you agree hzaaribagh them? BNP not happy with the dialogue? On the other hand, there are lot more benefits of relocating in coastal area somewhere closer to the sea ports: The land that landed Zafrullah in trouble. The salty soil of less populated coastal areas is supposed to be a right choice to build an industrial park for leather industry of Bangladesh.

So — for the sake of the Buriganga River, the ecosystems that depend on it, and the health of the people of Hazaribagh — all Bangladeshis and empathetic international community members should continue clamouring for the hazarbagh enforcement of lollution laws and the development of comprehensive governmental strategies that are followed through expeditiously.

Toxins are also leaching into groundwater. After decades of discussion on the topic, a relocation project was launched in to move the tannery district to a remote location near Savar, north of Dhaka, where all tanneries would share a Central Effluent Treatment Plant CETP as there is no room to tanner one at Hazaribagh.

BiodiversityEcosystemsWaterPollution. KUET celebrates 14th founding anniversary. We have to take such measures so that industrial and household wastes will not drain out to the river. Relocation of all tanneries from Hazaribagh implemented by BSCIC to a properly designed and controlled new industrial estate in Savar is practically the only feasible solution offering safe, yet economic conditions for maintaining this important business, keep several dozen thousands of labour employed and earning much needed for the national economy export revenue.

Recent news and agreement regarding long awaited agreement between MoI and leather associations is positive development not only for Bangladesh but also for the whole leather sector. Housewife commits suicide over sexual harassment. What Ppllution Khan left behind. The Buriganga Cleansing Project involves excavating pollition to 12 feet of sludge from the riverbed for a 3 km stretch and is set to last until June Foreign and local observers yesterday appreciated the EC and said that the 11th national election was free, fair and disciplined.


Therefore the Hazaribagh district is probably most congested overcrowded and polluted yannery of Ppollution city.

Apparel workers in Bangladesh still the lowest paid by global standards. Inclusive policy can ensure heath services for all, say speakers. The theme of this years World Rivers Day is Encroachment-pollution free rivers: Life as a transgender child in Bangladesh. Int’l workshop begins at BUET. Ending the culture of impunity. Public pressure and media scrutiny will perhaps help.

Uncertainty looms among the residents of Hazaribagh over talk of moving the tanneries to an area outside of Dhaka. EC’s internal conflict becoming public. Now, we have to stop the rest of the 60 per cent of pollution of the river. Tanneries need huge amount hwzaribagh salt which are cheaply available in coastal area at almost no pol,ution. The fumes released by the chemicals in the water can cause serious health problems. Based on UNIDO experience with pollution control in the leather industry during a preparatory assistance in prepared survey and recommendations on tannery relocation of tanneries polltuion Hazaribagh to Savar and establishing of the pollution control system.

Workers stand knee deep without any protective clothing in tanning water as they transfer rawhides into another tank.

Pollution by export oriented tannery industries, Bangladesh | EJAtlas

Rahman feels the answer lies in education:. A friend, a fighter and a free spirit: Relocation offers opportunities for the modernisation of the tanneries in the region, particularly when it comes to environmental control. A crisis of legitimacy.