I make videos on YouTube, some are part of the “Ask Hypnotica,” series and others are healthy living & lifestyle design. Head over to my YouTube channel to . How to supercharge your “inner game”. Profile Picture. Posted by Hypnotica One of my students grew up in a small town in Texas where the people . so in the book the game by neil strauss he talks about rasputin (hypnotica) and steve p. putting him in a trance to make him more confident and.

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FromHypnotica began to create his own products and develop his own personal coaching services and courses focused on mastering and improving inner game and confidence.

Ultimate Inner Game V2 Reviews

These events introduced them and their inner game focus to the community and expanded their reputation. He went to work the next morning tired, but with the biggest smile on his face… His wife even called him at work just to tell him how much of an gamd husband he was… His improved mood even led him to a promotion! I listened to this CD and read his book and it transformed me, permanently.

It was hypnotlca time of deep reflection and less sexual adventures. This also became a big influence in his life, as he was driven with a mission to discover more about himself and expand his awareness.

Thoughts on Inner Game/NLP (in particular hypnotica and steve p) : seduction

The CD rewires your brain to think confidently but you have to read the book also. Log in or sign up in seconds. But then he sat down and explained how this was a way to supercharge my inner game. Eric’s life brought him to the next stage of self discovery when he decided to become homeless, letting go of his possessions, experimenting with Mescaline, and staying for a duration at a yoga and meditation retreat.


Some of Hypnotica’s first video and audio products are still sold through Strategic Dating Coach.

How to supercharge your “inner game”

Seddit Simple Questions Thread. One of my students grew up in a small town in Texas where the people in his town would always say to him:.

Inthey became more involved in the seduction community through various partnerships with other coaches. Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. ijner

Fri Feb 17, 9: Many of the well known PUAs have suggested that these two were a major influence for them but I just don’t see it. We want your email address. It will not appear anywhere.

One of my students grew up in a small town in Texas where the people in his town would always say to him: In need of money, and through a friend, Eric ended up taking a job as a stripper in a gay strip club. Hypnotica worked with Mehow in infield bar game videos.

Feel anxious about approaching women? They quickly became friends as a result of their mutual, keen interest in NLP and open-minded view towards sexuality and life.


If you are going to get hypnogica program I would really advise getting the audio version of the book too, that has really, really helped me a lot. Ease of Implementation Is it practical? Share Your Opinion Enter your name Use an alias “made up” name if you prefer to remain anonymous.


Although, at this time, neither Hypnotica nor Steve Piccus focused on this area of their lives and remained mostly on the sidelines working on their own NLP, hypnosis, tantric sex, and other life projects.

Eric has kept a foot in the strip club industry over the years, continuing to manage and promote clubs. Want to start a local lair?

During this period, he met Steve Piccus in a book store while attempting to buy the same book on NLP. Product Information This Ultimate Inner Game training provides you with the step-by-step guidance you need to reinvent your game from the inside, out.

If you eventually find NLP to be helpful, go for it. Paul McKenna – Confidence. He began seriously expanding his comfort zone as he describes gme frenzy women would put themselves in during these parties, and where he’d often end up with one of them. Eric eventually began taking a keen interest in NLP Neurolinguistic programming and studied everything he could get his hands on.

My plan is to hit up the strategies of all the major players, try as many as I can, and see what works.