Post-Graduate Programme Overview. 3. Academic Calendar. 4. Registration. 5. Preparatory Courses. 6. Induction Module/Orientation Programme. 7. Curriculum. Curriculum. The first year of the programme focuses on building fundamentals in the core concepts of management and providing the students basic conceptual. The first year’s curriculum is compulsory and covers courses in the areas of accounting and finance, behavioural science, communication, economics.

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The code is correct. Liberalization in the Eighties; Economic Crisis of Like Comment 1 Share. List of Possible Topics: For that, we need to assess how IT can be leveraged to gain competitive advantage. Law of Intellectual Property: The following areas can be studied under the elective courses offered in the second year PGP programme: It facilitates free flow of ideas and knowledge among academic institutions, brings an international flavor and perspective in to the classrooms and prepares students to work in foreign countries.

A comprehension of these issues would help managers make best use of IT in organizations. IR laws, management of discipline, economics of trade unions, history of Indian IR. As these names suggest, these programmes and the underlying syllabus vary greatly since they are aimed at diverse target group of students. This provides a vehicle for integration of learning across functions and disciplines. Operations Researchers utilize mathematical modeling techniques in concert with empirical observation and occasional experimentation to arrive at solutions to management problems in ii and industry.

Uncertainty and asymmetric information. Re-send verification code to your pgrm. It makes possible the integration of several fields of study in searching for the solution to a single problem.

Invite friend Tutoring Application Builder. Over the last few decades, Information Technology IT has penetrated almost every sphere of business activities.

Curriculum I – PGDM

Students can do projects up to 2. Agricultural Markets and Pricing 1. I am happy to receive information about other products and syklabus within QS Group including Careers, Scholarships and Admissions.

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Risk Management is the process by which various risk exposures are identified, measured, and controlled. Development and under-development; long-term trends in the Indian economy; poverty, unemployment and the strategy for development: The freeway to an awesome LSAT score, is now here!

It must be multifunctional and multidisciplinary in nature. Login with QS Account. Among the recent PGP students, a significant proportion has had full-time paid work experience of more than six months after their graduation before joining the PGP.

Curriculum – IIMA

It deals with considerations relating to the manager’s task in solving problems of organisation of work motivation, leadership and change. It is intended to develop the student’s ability to diagnose and deal with the many human problems that arise in complex organisations, to provide him with opportunities for practice in administrative decision-making and to make him familiar with managerial work-environment.

Your admit card is here! I understand that my data will be held for as long as I am registered with the site and Pdm will continue to receive such communications until I amend my user profile. Students analyse and offer solutions to specific managerial problems under the guidance of a faculty member as well as a manager in the host company.

Business, Environment and Society.

The exercise not only brings students closer to the ground realities and constraints, but also provides an understanding of the functioning of rural markets and their linkages with socio-economic institutions. It aims to provide participants with insights into how governments take decisions on matters that affect the business environment in India. Types of companies, Memorandum of Association, Shareholders and Debenture holders, minority protection, winding up: Please register by filling the details below.

Some of the qualities which characterise past students sylalbus high levels of initiative and energy, capacity for hard work, strong task orientation, willingness to learn, and a temperament suitable for teamwork. Term 3 January 1, to March 29, The method of instruction varies. Click here to see your status. The first year’s curriculum is compulsory and covers courses in the areas of accounting and finance, behavioural science, communication, economics, information technology, marketing, personnel management and industrial pbdm, operations management, law, strategy and quantitative methods.


Types of Courses a Regular Course: It focuses on the characteristics of an enterprise as a socio-technical system on the individual in the organisation, on work group behaviour, on inter-group relations and on problems of role relationships. With its dynamic curriculum, IIM Ahmedabad creates the best platform for students to be best equipped for the ;gdm of the industry.

Similarly, students from the corresponding institutes study one term at IIMA. Sales and Syklabus Management For Agriculture 1. The Institute has an exchange programme with over seventy-eight global institutes all over the world. Many courses bring in industry experts to integrate classroom learning with industry practice. The PGP classes have had a mix of fresh graduates and persons with work experience. These can be undertaken only with the prior permission of the instructor s concerned. ii,

The course is multi-disciplinary in nature, drawing on a wide range of underlying theory and cases to show how the institutional aspects of decision-making, technology, and sustainable development are inextricably interwoven. Curriculum I – PGDM The core curriculum of PGDM focuses on developing essential skills and knowledge pgxm the areas of economics, organization and behaviour, finance and accounting, management control, marketing, human resource management, information systems and quantitative methods.

Curriculum for Post Graduate Diploma in Management & MBA

Economics of Food Quality 0. IT, which started as a support tool, has slowly become a crucial implement for attaining strategic objectives — be it for improving productivity or quality, for reaching out to customers, for reducing cycle time or for spawning new businesses. Distinguished Alumnus Awardees