The iRex Iliad is an electronic book reader device. Its most obvious distinction is its large screen resolution (x pixels, now surpassed by the Digital. A comparative review of the iRex iLiad ereader by iRex. Discover sources for downloading free ebooks and ereader software. I purchased this second hand and had problems with it from the word go. I got in touch with Irex, the support team emailed me quickly with their response, signed .

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While many readers don’t need to scribble notes, underline passages, or dog-ear the pages of the books they read, it’s an essential feature of paper book for academics and others. In SeptemberiRex Technologies released an update to the iLiad.

So when I started tinkering, and as I have a bad memory anyway, I decided to write down what I learned for everybody’s benefit. With the integrated Wacom tablet and stylus, it is possible to write directly on almost any document and those notes will remain on that document whenever it is viewed on the iLiad.

But the iLiad has a lot to like. Unlike the 2nd Edition, it does not have Wi-Fi. On the day that I finally come across a suitable hardcover copy of this book, I’ll have to go through my old trade paperback page by page and look for notes and markings to transfer over.

Instead, it stores them in an iLiad-compatible ilaid that can’t be read except by specialized PC software. You tinker with your device at your iiad risk. The exact dimensions of this unit are x x 16 mm 8. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. If you’ve been holding off on ebook readers because they lack WiFi and the ability to scribble in the margins, you might want to welcome the iLiad inside your gates.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Independent users have also reported iljad porting of mobile web browsers to iLiad’s Linux platform, although with limited functionality and many bugs. Insales of the iLiad ended when its parent company, iRex Technologies, filed for bankruptcy.

We’re fascinated by the idea of ebooks, but implementations of the concept have so far been iliax with flaws. Our in-depth evaluations of the Sony Reader and Amazon Kindle turned up a long list of drawbacks including high price, hard-to-click buttons, slow refresh rates, DRMed content, poor music-playing functionality, and non-interactivity.


This does, however, make for a shorter battery life than other ebook readers, at about 15 hours. They have aroundebooks to choose from. As of May 3, Mobipocket is supported, making the mobipocket digital rights management DRM content irfx on this platform. The unit charges via power adapter in about 3 hours.

Putting pen to e-paper: iRex iLiad ebook reader review | Ars Technica

Most of the complaints toward iRex center around speed of release of SDKs and other information. The two above it are menu buttons. Description of the main components, disk partitions, boot sequence and installation packages of the Iliad.

By using this ierx, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Developers have been able to improve on the device’s functionality by porting viewers such as FBReaderand programs such as abiword and stardict.

On the iLiad itself, though, the annotation features work perfectly and feel just like marking up a paperback.

A hacker’s guide to the iRex Iliad

The iLiad ebook reader, from Dutch company iRex, hopes to slaughter the competition even as it carves a huge hole into your wallet. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. As has been pointed out before, the use of open-source software alone does not by itself make a device open and hackable. You won’t be slaughtered in the night by rampaging Achaeans—certainly good news—but you will have contend with some issues. You can vary the width of the ink, which comes in handy for jotting notes in the margins of books and pictures.

Retrieved from ” https: I’ve done so below; if it’s not obvious and it’s probably notthis is my artistic rendition of Managing Editor Eric Bangeman taking a spacewalk outside the Orbiting HQ.

A resonant circuit in the stylus receives the magnetic energy and uses it to transmit a signal back to the sensor board, which reads the pen’s location, angle, and speed atop the screen. Our own Jon “Hannibal” Stokes summed up the problem this way:.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Using the desktop software, those notes can be merged into the original document.

In MayiRex Technologies added a ikiad installment to the iLiad line of products, this time branded under the name iLiad Book Edition. Its most obvious distinction is its large screen resolution x pixels, now iliax by the Digital Readeralso by iRex. They have, however, also been quite forthcoming on some projects and some of the changes the community has made have been integrated back into the company’s software distribution, perhaps the most notable being that of stylus and input calibration, an external development project led by Jay Kuri and published as part of the main distribution in early There are also a number of websites you can download free ebooks from, such as Manybooks.


The third part, documentation, is rather inadequate — Though a few of the header files for Iliad-specific libraries are documented for doxygenmost are completely undocumented.

Writing directly on the screen makes the ebook feel that much more like a “real” book. Enter your email address to receive updates: This page was last edited on 25 Mayat As you can see in the images, the iLiad has a unique feature that runs down its left side. Documentation on the device itself is also sorely lacking. You must login or create an account to comment. One handy feature of the way that the iLiad handles these ink drawings is that you can load any JPG or PNG you like as a background template; each time you mark up the image, a new page is created, leaving the original clear for continued use as a template.

The annotated images are stored in separate directories on the iLiad, which is a mass storage device that can be hooked up to either Mac or Windows and treated as a USB drive. Coming soon to Carnegie Hall. But there are some books that we go back to again and again, especially those of us who are scholars by trade and who find ourselves butting up against the same classics throughout our careers.

Programs for recreation, including audio playback, sudokuand calendars, are rapidly growing community content available for use on the iLiad. Writing means the iLiad is more than an ebook reader. The three buttons below the Flipbar are up, down, and select.