Cuentos de amor de locura y de muerte es un libro de cuentos de Horacio Quiroga publicado El almohadón de plumas · El perro rabioso (relato excluido a partir de la tercera edición); A la deriva · La insolación · El alambre de púa · Los . La insolación. Español. Book ID: La insolación. Book cover may not be accurate (+) Horacio Quiroga (23 books). Wikipedia: See this author on. La insolación. JK. juliana kraus. Updated 4 December Transcript. La Insolación. Contenido. -Corta biografía del autor. -Movimientos literarios a los que.

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He needed just four days to settle everything, returning at once to the south. The dogs moved plants every once in a while in quirogaa of fresh shade. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The puppy, Old, went out the door and crossed the patio with an upright, lazy step.

The five fox terriers spread out on the ground, deadened by their lives of ease, and slept. He did nothing that whole morning. The light went out. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: They watched him flow through the fence, but immediately believed their eyes deceived them; he stopped a few hundred meters from them, looked over the group with his celestial eyes and continued forward.


He paused at the boundary of the pasture, craned his neck in the direction of the mountain, half-closed his eyes, and sat quietly.

Finally, the sun sank behind the black line of palms above the riverbed, and in the quirlga of the silver night, the dogs positioned themselves around the ranch, where in the top floor Mister Jones recommenced his hidden abuse. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

As soon as they came near the house, they trotted faster. I lived in my hometown untilobtaining a degree inzolacion Arts, with majors in sociology and communication studies, in The burning heat that had grown incessantly for the last three days added to the suffocating of decomposing time.

La insolación by Horacio Quiroga

Unfastened, its mission completed, the poor horse, whose flanks bore the marks of countless beatings with the insoladion, shook and lowered its head and collapsed on its side. To the north of the patio came only the horse who the worker had been riding. Goodreads insolcion you keep track of books you want to read. Milk crossed his front paws and felt a slight pain.

The Indians shared responsibility for the dogs, which lived from then on thin and itching all over. Meanwhile, the east began to take on shades of purple and the horizon had already lost its morning clarity.

He brought it back and sharpened the grille, but a bolt that he noticed as flawed when quirogaa bought the machine broke when he put it back into place.


Dafne rated it really liked it Jun 20, The five fox-terriers, insolacipn and dead from comfort, slept. Jones sent the farmhand, still carrying the whip, away; he would fire him if he had to keep listening to him apologising like a Jesuit.

This entry was posted in Translated work, Spanish to English. In the meantime the heat intensified. After them followed the dogs, who had taken a liking to the cultivating process the previous winter when they learned how to fight the falcons for the white worms the plough brought to the surface.

The surrounding area had become misty with the intense heat. The dogs followed him but stopped in the shade of the first locust tree; it was too hot. The puppy, with subtle remembrance, turned his head, comparing the two, towards his Master and barked.

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Like trained wild animals, dogs can sense even the least indication of drunkenness in their masters. The dogs left with him but sought the shade of the first carob quieoga they sighted; it was too hot.

But after proceeding five metres he stopped, looked at the group with his heavenly eyes, and went on.