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Psidium guajava Linn confers gastro protective effects on rats. The best alternatives to synthetic medicines, available, for the treatment of gastric ulcer disorders, are the natural products found in plants. They are known to exhibit a variety of activities. The present study is aimed at the screening of Psidium P. The methanol extracts of the leaves of P. The treatment of P. The results further suggest that P. A new antibacterial benzophenone glycoside from Psidium guajava Linn.

Bioactivity-guided fractionation of methanol extract from the leaves of Psidium guajava L. Myrtaceae yielded a new benzophenone glycoside, Guajaphenone A 2 together with two known compounds, Garcimangosone D 1 and Guaijaverin 3.

The isolated compounds were screened against standard strains of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria using broth dilution assay method, and the MIC values determined and compared with reference antibiotic ceftriaxone. They were found to have significant antibacterial activities against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus with all of them showing better activities against S.

However, despite reduced effect of these compounds against the organisms, this work opens the perspective to use these molecules as ‘leads’ for the design of novel and selective drug candidates for some tropical infectious diseases. Ethanol extract of the leaves of Psidium guajava Linn enhances sperm output in healthy Wistar rats. Reactive oxygen species ROSamong other factors, have been implicated in the aetiology of male infertility.

Thus, the roles of antioxidants at improving sperm production and quality are being investigated. The present study was designed to assess the effect of the ethanol extract of fresh leaves of Psidium guajava Linn.

A total of 18 rats, weighing between g, were divided into 3 groups of 6 animals each. Group 3 animals received normal saline. Sperm count increased from Similarly, dose-dependent increases emresarial the percentages of motile spermatozoa were observed in GLE-treated animals compared to the control group. These findings suggest that the extracts of the leaves of Psidium guajava Linn. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden.

This research is pre experiments research with laboratory test to determine the inhibitory power of guava ethanol extract as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Each concentration was tested for inhibitory by knowing the diameter of growth barrier to Candida albicans and Staphylococcus emmpresarial. Each concentration is repeated 5 times, resulting in 15 data. The data were analyzed descriptively to illustrate their potential comparisons with chlorhexidine as standard materials.

The effect of antifungal power of guava leaf extract Psidium guajava Linn.

Comparative evaluation of different extracts of leaves of Psidium guajava Linn. The study was designed to evaluate the hepatoprotective activity of different extracts petroleum ether, chloroform, ethyl acetate, methanol and aqueous of P.

In the acute liver damage induced by different hepatotoxins, P. Histological examination of the liver tissues supported the hepatoprotection. It is concluded that the methanolic extract of leaves of Psidium guajava plant possesses better hepatoprotective activity compared to other extracts. The present study investigates the interaction of aqueous leaf extract of Psidium guajava with muscarinic, serotonergic and adrenergic receptor system using isolated rat ileum, gastric fundus and trachea, respectively.


The concentration-dependent contractile response of aqueous leaf extract of Psidium guajava was parallel and rightward of standard agonists, ACh and 5-HT indicating agonistic activity on muscarinic and serotonergic receptor systems. The inhibition of aqueous leaf extract of Psidium guajava mediated contractions in presence of atropine 10 -7 M and ketanserin 10 -6 M confirmed the activity.

Relaxant effect of PG 0.

Directorio A.N.I.E.R.M. 2010

Inhibition P Effect of guava Psidium guajava Linn. This study investigated the effect of aqueous and ethanol soluble solid extracts of guava Psidium guajava Linn.

Acute and long-term feeding tests were carried out, and an oral glucose tolerance test OGTT to follow the changes in plasma glucose and insulin levels was performed to evaluate the antihyperglycemic effect of guava leaf extracts in diabetic rats. The results of acute and long-term feeding tests showed a significant reduction in the blood sugar level in diabetic rats josur with either the aqueous or ethanol extract of guava leaves p guava leaf extracts increased the plasma insulin level and glucose utilization in diabetic rats.

The results also indicated empresrial the activities of hepatic hexokinase, phosphofructokinase and glucosephosphate dehydrogenase in diabetic rats fed with aqueous extracts were higher than in the normal diabetic introcuccion p guava leaf extract and the health function of guava leaves against salgxdo 2 diabetes.

In order to facilitate its activity in overcoming dental caries,formulation into dosage toothpaste was needed. The purpose of this study was to formulate toothpaste from infuse of guava leaves with variations concentration of Sodium Carboxymethylcellulosa as a binder to obtain the best toothpaste formula. The results showed that three toothpaste formula from the organoleptic testwere white coloured, mint flavored with soft and lumpy of textur, with the mean of pH value of 6,9 to 8,3 introducciob eligible, and the foam height value of 3,5 salgqdo 5,5 cm.

Theviscosity values were increased with the increasing concentration ofSodium carbxymethylcellulose. While the preference test showedthat toothpaste formula C was the most preferred. Phenolic composition and medicinal usage of Psidium guajava Linn.: Antifungal activity or inhibition of virulence?

Full Text Available Psidium guajava is a Myrtaceae plant whose medicinal properties are recognized in several locations. The use of teas and tinctures prepared from their leaves has been used to combat infections caused by fungi of the genus Candida.

In empresafial study, aqueous extracts of leaves and hydroethanolic were tested to verify the antifungal potential and its chemical composition has been investigated. The microbiological assays were performed by broth microdilution to determine the minimum inhibitory concentration MIC and from these hosue minimum fungicidal concentration was performed MFC by subculturing on solid media.

JEL Classification | IDEAS/RePEc

A cell viability curve was obtained for demonstration of inhibition of fungal growth of strains of Candida albicans and Candida tropicalis. Extracts analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography demonstrated flavonoids and phenolic acids.

The IC50 was calculated ranging from It has been found that the extracts affect the morphological transition capability, preventing the formation of pseudohyphae and hyphae. Teas and tinctures, therefore, have the potential antifungal, by direct contact, causing inhibition of fungal multiplication and its virulence factor, the cell dimorphism, preventing tissue invasion. Further studies are needed to elucidate the biochemical pathways and genes assets involved in these processes.

Microbicidal effect of medicinal plant extracts Psidium guajava Linn. Full Text Available Out of the twenty-four samples of shrimp and fish muscle used for this study, twelve were collected near a large marine sewer for waste disposal, 3 km off the coast of Fortaleza Brazil and used for the isolation of E.

Other twelve were collected at the Mucuripe fresh fish market Fortaleza, Brazil and used for the isolation of Staphylococcus aureus. Ethanol, water and acetone-diluted extracts of guava and papaya leaf sprouts were tested on the bacteria in order to verify their microbicidal potential.


angina inestable como: Topics by

The papaya leaf extracts Carica papaya Linn showed no microbicidal activity while the guava sprout extracts Psidium introuccion Linn displayed halos exceeding 13 mm for both species, an effect considered to be inhibitory by the method employed.

It may be concluded that guava sprout extracts constitute a feasible treatment option for diarrhea caused by E. As cepas de E. Chemical composition, toxicity empresarjal antioxidant activities of essential oils of stem introvuccion of Nigerian species of guava Psidium guajava Linn.

Essential oil from the stem bark of Nigerian species of Psidium guajava of the family Myrtaceae was obtained by hydro-distillation using an all-glass Clavenger apparatus. Introducion principal constituents are hydrocarbons, amines, amides and esters with 3,6-dioxa-2,4,5,7-tetraoctane,2,2,4,4,5,5,7,7-octamethyl Brine shrimp lethality test was carried out to determine the toxicity of the oils to living organisms shrimps.

The oil activity was Thus, the results of this study showed that the essential oil from P. The toxicity of the empresrial can be taken advantage of in the therapy of diseases involving cell or tumor growth. A study of the anti-inflammatory effect of the leaves of Psidium guajava Linn. The aim is to study the anti-inflammatory effect of the ethanolic extract of the leaves of Psidium guajava PGE on experimental animal models.

Acute toxicity test was done according to OECD guidelines. Statistical analysis was done by one-way analysis of variance followed by multiple comparison tests. There are preclinical and clinical assays that confirm their antidiarrheal effect.

No toxic effects were reported. The pharmaceutical forms of this species are limited. It is necessary to conduct more emprresarial to guarantee the effectiveness of this species. Ekpresarial therapeutic variants of this species should be prepared to use them as antidiarrheal agents. Guava Leaves Psidium Guajava Linn is a natural substance that is used as an anticancer.

In previous studies, have proved that guava leaves contain high levels of quercetin in the amount of This shows that the guava leaves are chemical compounds that have the potential cytotoxic.

Microbial composition of guava Psidium guajavahibiscus Microbial composition of guava Psidium guajavahibiscus Hibiscus-rosa sinensismango Mangifera indica and pumpkin Telfairia occidentalis Salfado African Journal of Biotechnology The microbial genera salgadi from this study showed that, both human and plant pathogens can colonize plants’ phyllosphere.

Triterpenoids from Psidium guajava with Biocidal Activity. In continuation of our studies on the phytochemical investigation of medicinal plants available in the foothills of Darjeeling and Teri, we report herein the isolation of two triterpenoids betulinic acid and lupeol from the leaf extract of Psidium guajava and their potential antimicrobial and phytotoxic activities. All the structures of the isolated compounds were confirmed by spectral IR, NMR analysis and by comparison with the literature reports.

Guajadial 1a novel caryophyllene-based meroterpenoid, was isolated from the Leaves of Psidium guajava guava. The structure and relative stereochemistry of guajadial 1 were elucidated by extensive spectroscopic analysis.

A possible biosynthetic pathway for 1 was proposed. Psidium guajava leaves introduccuon arthritic symptoms in adjuvant-induced arthritic rats. Psidium guajava leaf extract is fmpresarial in decreasing the inflammatory response and arthritic symptoms in rats with adjuvant-induced arthritis.

Psidium guajava leaves can be developed into an alternative anti-arthritis treatment. Insulin resistance IR is amalgam of pathologies like altered glucos metabolism, dyslipidemia, impaired glucose tolerance, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and associated with type-II diabetes and cardiometabolic diseases.