Iriartea deltoidea. Plant growing in native habitat in Yasuni National Park, Orellana, Ecuador Photograph by: William J. Baker Image credit to Palmweb. Common Names: Stilt Palm, Copa Palm, Barrigona Palm, Huacrapona (local name). Distribution & Habitat: South American rainforest. Abstract. Stem development in palms usually involves the building up of a trunk of maximum diameter before emerging from the ground. Unlike most arboreal.

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Missouri Botanical Garden Press, St. Less closely related palms which were at one time presumed to be Iriarteeae are members of the genera CeroxylonDrymophloeusand the monotypic Deckenia nobilis.

File:IRIARTEA DELTOIDEA (Inflorescence).JPG – Wikimedia Commons

This species does not regenerate well in most fields. Year ISBN Description The second edition of an excellent guide to the edible uses of plants, though it does not give any details of cultivation etc. Determination of apparent density of the sample [ 5 ]: Such is the demand for these temporary canoes that many of the larger specimens of Iriartea have been felled in this irisrtea.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Iriartea deltoidea. Pollination of an endangered Caladenia species Orchidaceae by nectar-foraging behaviour delhoidea a widespread species of colletid bee. The type of Iriartea megalocarpa is no longer extant at B, and no isotypes are known.

Iriartea – Wikipedia

The number of peduncular bracts, three, is obviously based on a misinterpretation, probably most had fallen when the illustration was made. This species is interpreted from the type and the description. Many specimens were found growing along creeks and deltoidwa. Comments have to be approved before they are shown here.


That the gases produced in the combustion would have a much lower proportion of sulfur compounds than those coming from the processes of combustion of carbon. It naturally occurs in wet rainforest or seasonally wet forest in low montane locations. Smithsonian Tropical research Institute.

AAU palm archive’ Image credit to Palmweb. It is analyzed as a solid material, stable and beautiful finishes. The illustration is, in any case, incomplete Burret, Genus name honors the 18th century Spanish patron of learning, Bernardo de Yriarte.

Geographic distribution of Iriartea deltoidea. The heart and seeds are occasionally eaten. The infrafoliar inflorescence is yellow or cream colored and comes out from a big green spathe with horn-like structure.

For some time, RCF and local farmers have experimented with this palm. The type of Deckeria corneto consists of four sheets, iriatea a leaf section iriartez rachillae with sta-minate and iriaftea flowers.

Attalea regia or cacho de vaca which can refer to many other plants, like the Bignoniaceae Godmania aesculifolia or the orchid Myrmecophila humboldtii. Iriartea deltoidea stilt roots William J. June 26, Citation: Home Publications Conferences Register Contact.

Canoes last about two or three months. Last update on Dugand believed that the type locality could be seltoidea present-day Colombia. Inflorescence pendulous at anthesis, to 2 m long, buds developing below crownshaft and erect at first, soon becoming de-curved and eventually horn-shaped; peduncle terete, curved, cm long, half-encircling stem and then abruptly narrowing to cm in diam.

Iriartea deltoidea

The type of Iriartea gigantea consists of leaf sections and rachillae with staminate and pistillate flowers. Burret distinguished the species by its larger fruits and cylindrical stern. The fruits are globose and green colored. Pharmaceutical Sciences Journals Ann Jose ankara escort.

Due to its similarity in hardness and density in the stem, it is desired to verify the high lignin content in the chonta palm, since, if its chemical structure were similar, it could be used as the guadua in the construction of houses, as material Reinforcement and attractive color as landscaping element, it is known that the mechanical properties of lignin make it special, even today is the raw material of carbon fibers useful for the materials industry.


During the field work performed for the elaboration of the necessary cuts for laboratory tests, the presence of different Coleoptera Figure 4 was found, which may be present in the specimens, possibly due to the existing symbiotic activity. It is known by such names as bombona which iriaftea also refer to other palms, e. Karsten described the species as having stamens. Iriratea Editorial Panel Editorial Board. Photo by Ryan D. The canoes are widely used for shortening trips, especially long overland trips where short-cuts can be made by river.

It is for this reason that this research irizrtea to demonstrate that there are tools that make it possible to formulate plans, programs or projects of sustainable use that allow the biosystem to maintain itself as the ecosystem.

Published on the Internet http: Iriartea weberbaueri Burret Iriartea xanthorhiza Klotzsch ex Linden.

Palms of the World Online. Stem more or less ventricose, to 25 m tall, cm in diam. Determination of hemicellulose [ 9 ]: Perhaps the most common native tree species in Ecuador, occurring in all provinces that include moist lowland areas.