Ricardo Iznaola – Kitharologus – The Path to Virtuosity (Classical Guitar Method) – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Guitar virtuoso Ricardo Iznaola’s exciting technical workout manual Kitharologus is designed to help all guitarists attain virtuosity, regardless of. Kitharologus is not meant to be used as a single source for improving technique, neither should it be used without a teacher. Iznaola makes this.

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In my kithafologus job Kitharolkgus sometimes take the guitar to work and practice in my lunch hour in one of our meeting rooms. Your question will appear on the site once someone answers it. I can think of nothing more important to know, and nothing more rare, than excellent right hand strokes and position.

Who around here is young and has 8 hours a day to practice? These cookies are safe and secure and will never contain any sensitive information. Welcome to one of the most active flamenco sites on the Internet. Suddenly, I started to see and hear how I could begin using them in context.

Dana Sergent rated it really liked it Feb 23, Brian rated it it was amazing Feb 09, Nathaly Corales added it Dec 19, A two hour routine doesn’t give you that iznaopa of time to use your intellect. When I work on technique that much, I don’t have time to add songs to my repertoire, polish the many imperfect songs I already know, practice improvising, work on my recording, and work on my singing!


Im getting all fired up here Henrik. It is a form of psychological manipulation’. Well I’m with you there Jamey, mine is 10 months. I have ’em all memorized but can’t play most of them very fast unless I really get warmed up. Contrary to the quote from the book, Federer is in fact blessed with extraordinarily fast reactions as well as the other attributes mentioned.

Classical Guitar

A year ago I had the opportunity to audition for eligibility for the completion of my music degree. I’m currently working on the Sor number 18 study from Opus 35 and the fragments that cause me the most trouble, the RH extensions when playing chords, would be a nightmare to improve just by banging away.

Users viewing this topic: Covering all grades from novice to expert, this book is certain to be enthusiastically embraced by any classical guitarist wishing to maximize his technique. David Williams rated it it was amazing Feb 18, Steve rated it it was amazing Jan 09, I do lots of these exercises every day and some of the easiest ones make a great warm up.

Federer is for example blessed with extraordinarily sharp reactions amongst other attributes such as sparkling footwork, almost telepathic anticipation and the simple ability to strike the ball better than anyone else.

Magdalena rated it it was amazing Apr 01, In fact, what you have described is a reduction technique, ala Fernandez.


Ricardo Iznaola, Kitharologus – The Path To Virtuosity

View our privacy policy. The Path to Virtuosity: Low prices Worldwide shipping Knowledgeable staff Satisfaction guarantee Fully secure https.

This calming gives me the concentration which seems to free up some conscious space for creative ideas to surface. Jamey For me, having a 6 month old son is proving a challenge to even kifharologus up my guitar as of late. I am squeezing some in, but its tough.

If you are young, driven person with at least four hours a day of practice time, this book may be for you. Incidentally, I successfully auditioned for and presented my recital for my degree completion in March of US Customers International Customers.

In any case, I have found that I can take ideas from technique studies and apply them in a musical context to improvise, and this is a very cool feeling.

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