Book trivia question: In the short story The Foster Portfolio by Kurt Vonnegut what is Mr. Foster’s secret joy? Answers: porno, pyro, playing the piano. Welcome to the Monkey House by Kurt Vonnegut – The Foster Portfolio summary and analysis. All about The Foster Portfolio [short story] by Jr. Kurt Vonnegut. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers.

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I am in charge, and everything is going to be just fine. Dennis rated it it was amazing Jun 14, I sat on the edge of the bed and watched him open a little door in the wall, which bared the pipes servicing the bathroom. My by-eye estimate of the values had been off, and his portfolio, as of that day, was worth close to eight hundred and fifty thousand.

Herbert was in a near coma of see-no-evil, speak-no-evil, hear-no-evil. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. And together, the story unfolds as beautifully as a blooming rose. The Hyannis Port Story.

“The Foster Portfolio” Brings Vonnegut short story to life at Tribeca – Reel Honest Reviews

A skinny, shrewish-looking woman smiled up at me vacuously. I paused by the vonnegut to look at a small tinted photograph. She says Herbert’s father spent his time in bars, away from his family.


I had a right to be proud, but my triumph—except for the commission—was gall and wormwood. I had to shout at the bartender to be heard. She was surrounded by underwear and socks to be mended, and Herbert said her name was Alma, which seemed entirely possible.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. De Jan rated it liked it Jul 27, He stood up suddenly.

“The Foster Portfolio” Brings Vonnegut short story to life at Tribeca

Originally published in Collier’s Magazine. There was no question that being in the place was absolute, humiliating hell for him. Cassidy Dwyer rated it it was amazing Jun 07, The soap in the Foster soap dish was mottled and dingy—a dozen little chips moistened and pressed together to make a new bar. Com Do Toster Now? She says Herbert told her not to look at the report.

Welcome to the Monkey House – The Foster Portfolio Summary & Analysis

Took out thirty-two dollars for Christmas, and gave a hundred pportfolio the church. Wikipedia in English None. The novelist is known for works blending satire, black comedy and science fiction, such as Slaughterhouse-FiveCat’s Cradleand Breakfast of Champions The Google Ad engine read the story and decided the most applicable ad was Scottrade.

The set design, costuming, and camera work accentuate each and every thought, feeling, and spoken piece of dialogue. He was born in Indianapolis, later the setting for many of his novels.


The Foster Portfolio by Felicia Lynn on Prezi

It made me a little sore that Foster would take my time, when the most he krt to play around with, I guessed, was no more than a few hundred dollars. The print was at war with the slip cover of the chair, and I had to squint to separate her features from the clash about her.

Herbert, then, was about as minor an employee as there was in the establishment. The Kid Nobody Could Handle.

Welcome to the Monkey House by Kurt Vonnegut. Ije Hoffmann rated it really liked it May kury, Startlingly, Herbert Foster disappeared.

I’m a salesman of good advice for rich people.

Neil rated it really liked it Feb 04, Michael Joseph Schumann marked it as to-read Jan 10, An investment adviser wonders why his client isn’t interested in using his investments to better his family’s living standard.

Mari marked it as to-read Oct 26, A sound portfolio is a tiling of beauty in its way, aside from its cash value. But what was it that was worth more to Herbert than eight hundred and fifty thousand? Aaron rated it really liked it Sep 17,